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10 business ideas for women (10 Business Ideas for Women), Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by doing something or the other. Along with household work, women also want that they should also do some work from home so that they can earn some income. Many business for women too (business ideas for women) By doing which they can do it comfortably sitting at home.

so let’s go today The Rural India in this blog of 10 business ideas for women know about. In which you will not have to invest a lot of capital. You can also do this sitting at home.

Bindi making business

Bindi is a main part of women’s makeup. Now if you want to earn some money by staying at home. So bindi making business can start. For this you don’t need money, they are highly educated. If you want, you can start this work by buying a small dot cutting machine and glue.

candle business

Candle Earlier it was used for lighting the houses. But now it is used as decoration. So you want to go and do some work while staying at home. So candle making business Can do Because the demand for candles increases on festivals. If you want, you can buy different types of molds and make candles. Because people like designer candles more on festivals. So if you also do this business then you will get good profits.

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papad making business

Papad is used in almost every household. Kids and adults all love to eat papad. And women also like to make papad. In the summer season, you must have seen that women of every house start making papad and chips. So if you also want to earn money sitting at home, then you can do the work of making papad. In this, you will not need to be very educated or invest a lot of capital, if we want, we can start work within 5 to 10 thousand.

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Beauty parlor business

Nowadays the beauty parlor business is trending a lot. Because nowadays every woman likes to see herself beautiful. Don’t know how many parlors every woman goes through to make herself beautiful. Therefore, if you also want to do something, then you can definitely open a parlor after taking training. And can earn money. Profit in this work depends on your hands. If you do a good job, women will come to you again and again. And if something goes wrong, no one would want to come again from once.

jewelry making business

Compared to men, women are fond of wearing different types of clothes and different types of jewelry. Every woman wants to wear jewelry according to the kind of clothes she wears. So if you know how to make jewelry then it is icing on the cake. If you want, you can earn good money by making women’s jewelry like necklace or mangalsutra. And along with her household chores, she can earn some money and run her household expenses.

spice business

Spices are a very important item that should be common in every household, without spices the food seems bland. Spices have the biggest role in making the food tasty. Because if you use good spices then the food tastes good. That’s why if you have farm in your village then you can do spice farming and earn money from it. You can grind or sell the spices of your farm from your home.

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milk business

Most of the people in the village do animal husbandry. So if you have a cow or buffalo in your house, then you can earn money by selling milk. Or you can earn good money by extracting things made from milk like curd, paneer or ghee and selling it. For this you will not need to invest separately. You will also get fodder from your own farm. And you will get milk also from your own animals. And you will also get profit. That’s why milk business is not a loss making deal from anywhere.

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tailoring business

Nowadays, in this fashion era, everyone feels like wearing new clothes on every festival. But sewing clothes is not in everyone’s capability. If you know how to sew clothes then it is a great thing. And if you don’t know then you can easily learn sewing. And you can earn money by sewing clothes, if you want you can earn money by teaching people. Apart from this, if you are interested in embroidery and knitting, then you can earn double profit by doing this work. Because the business of clothes (tailoring business) is never going to end, nor is the craze of people towards clothes ever going to end.

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pickle making business

Pickle should be mixed with whatever food. Adds charm to the taste of that food. Almost everyone likes to eat pickles. But not everyone knows how to make pickle like grandmother. So if you know how to make good pickles then it is a great thing. You can also make this skill of yours a means of earning good money. If you want, you can make and sell pickles. And can earn money too. Gradually, if you want, you can give a name to your pickle and compete with the brand of pickle coming in the whole market. And you can also make yourself famous.

grocery store

in the village if you want grocery store Can also open. You will not need a separate place for this. You can also open a grocery shop in your home. First start your business with a few items. Then with your increasing profits, you can also increase the goods. Don’t keep too many expensive things. Because most of the people in the village like to buy only the things they need. Like flour, rice, oil, flour, cream, biscuits, snacks etc.

handmade items

If you want, you can make and sell handmade items. For example, if you know how to do embroidery, then you can make sweaters in cold weather and sell clothes by doing embroidery in clothes. Apart from this, if you want, you can also send flower vases, door mats by making them.

cosmetic shop

Somewhere in the village the market is far away. Due to which women have difficulty in getting the things they need. So if you want, you can earn money by selling essential items related to women. Like bangles, falls, makeup accessories etc. If you keep only the things needed by women at your shop, then women around you will also come, then you will get a good profit.

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