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top 10 agri business in india in hindi: India is an agricultural country. Agriculture It is the foundation of the economic system in our country. That’s why now with traditional farming agriculture based business The trend is also increasing. If you also want to increase your business by joining agriculture, then it is not necessary that you have to do farming. Today we are going to show you 10 such businesses. (top 10 agri business in india in hindi) Will tell about those who are associated with agriculture.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of 10 business related to agriculture (10 agricultural business ideas in hindi) Learn about

  1. Mushroom farming
  2. organic fertilizer business
  3. poultry farm business
  4. Fruit juice production business
  5. flower business
  6. spice business
  7. dairy farming business
  8. herbal medicine business
  9. beekeeping business
  10. fish farming business

Mushroom farming

Mushrooms have a special place in the hearts of vegetarians. People like to eat it with great fervor. Talking about protein, abundant amount of protein is found in mushrooms. Mushroom farming To do this, neither do you have to plow nor do you need a lot of land. If you want, you can do mushroom cultivation in a room only.

Mushroom farming The best part is that it can be grown for almost eight months of the year. You can start mushroom business in just 10-20 thousand. Keep in mind that if you are new in this business, then first take the opinion of experts.

Among all the species of mushroom, button mushroom has the highest demand. 73% of the total mushroom grown is button mushroom. There is an increase of 4.3 percent in the annual mushroom production in India. Mushroom production from India is also exported to other countries.

organic fertilizer business

Organic fertilizer production business is one such business. Which can be started easily by any farmer and this business is never going to stop because whether one is planting a garden or cultivating a garden, everyone needs compost, this organic fertilizer, for the good growth of the plant, so in this case Organic Fertilizer Production Business Might be a good option for you.

If you live in a place where people do farming and gardening on a large scale, then you can earn good profits in this. If you want, you can also become a wholesaler or a shopkeeper in this business. Let’s say that this business is never going to stop because the growing population will continue to use fertilizers to produce more food grains. India ranks third in the production of organic manure or fertilizers.

If we talk about organic manure, then you can also send it by making manure from cow buffalo dung and chicken waste. For this you will need a license which you can get from your state government.

For this, you should always keep researching and also keep finding out about the marketing that there is a lot of demand for this type of organic food compost and which fertilizers are good for which crops.

poultry farm business

Eating eggs has always been considered beneficial for our health. All of you must have heard at one time or the other, whether it is Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday. If you also want to start a business poultry farm You can definitely think about opening it.

For this, you have to arrange for the farm and pasture to keep the chickens. If you want to do poultry farm business on a small scale. You will have to invest a capital of about 50 thousand. If you want to do it on a large scale, then you will also have to register with the nearest husbandry department and name your form.

Before this you have to choose good species of chickens like- Poultry, Vanaraja, Grampriya, Krishna, Kadaknath etc. Let us tell you that India comes third in egg production. You can earn good profit by doing this business.

Fruit juice production business

Any fruit or fruit juices are very beneficial for our health. The demand for fruit juices increases even more during summers. Doctors or gym trainers always advise us to drink juices because proper protein nutrition is found in fruit juices.

If you want to move forward in any business, then you can try your luck in fruit juice business.

If you want to do the business of producing fruit juice on a small scale, then you do not need to invest a lot of capital, if you want, you can sell both flowers and fruit juice by keeping it on your palm in your village or nearby market Can earn good profit.

After this, seeing your increasing income, you can also send juice packing and compete with the brands of packed fruit juice running in the market and earn millions.

flower business

Evergreen comes to our mind as soon as the name of flowers comes. Flowers are used nowadays in other auspicious events apart from birthday and marriage, so you flower store If you want to start then you will not need a lot of capital but the profit in this will be immense.

For example, if you like to give bouquets to anyone, then you can see that different types of flowers and leaves are kept in that bouquet, so if you want to adopt this business, then you can earn good profit throughout the year.

Keep in mind that your shop should be in such a place where a lot of people have to come and go. Even after living in the village, if you also want to be associated with this business, then you can earn by cultivating flowers and selling them to the shopkeepers.

spice business

The presence of good spices in any delicious food plays a very important role. Spices are one of the things used daily in our lives, so its business cannot be a force under any circumstances. It is necessary. People prefer handmade spices.

If you want, you can earn a good profit by doing this business even on a small scale, after that you can pack your spices in packets and deliver them to far-off markets. spice business You can do it in any weather. India has been considered the largest producer of spices in terms of production.

dairy farming business

It is the most practiced business in India, one of the most profitable businesses.

Special attention is given to cleanliness and quality in dairy business. Dairy farm ie milk production business can be easily done in India because India has more agricultural area and necessary fodder will be easily available in this business.

Let us tell you, India also has the first place in milk production. India accounts for 17% of the world’s milk production.

You can start dairy farm from small scale with less capital, if income is invested in it over time, it can become a big business in a few years. Within a few years, you can have your product delivered to the packet.

herbal medicine agribusiness

Herbal medicinal agriculture is not only in India, it is creating a buzz all over the world. The demand for herbs is high in the market.

If you have a little bit of land and a good understanding of herbs, you can start growing medicinal herbs in your farm.

If you don’t have much understanding of herbs then you have to take training first in Ayurveda training center.

Herbal medicines are not fatal to the body and they destroy diseases from the root, hence their demand is high. As people’s faith in herbal medicine had increased during the corona virus epidemic, their supply was not being able to meet the demand.

After Kovid-19, people’s faith towards Ayurveda seems to be increasing continuously, so you can help people by being a part of this herbal medicine business.

beekeeping business

Honey is such a thing which is liked by everyone and is full of vitamins. If you want, you can earn good money by producing honey and beeswax in this country.

If you want, you can start beekeeping business on a small scale with only 10 boxes and can reach your business up to 30 boxes in a year.

Nowadays honey is being used from eating to applying on the face before sleeping, so it is certain that you too are never going to be in loss with this business.

For this, you have to select good species of bees and arrange to keep them. Keep in mind, wherever its starting. There should be flowers and fruit trees and the weather should be suitable for flowers and fruits to bloom so that it will be easier for bees to find pollen, for this you can visit your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra Will also have to take training from

fish farming business

fishing business agricultural business Is emerging because fish farming is now being done artificially also, it is not necessary that you have a pond or pond for fish farming, now you can start fish farming by making an artificial pond in the field.

Before starting this business, it is very important for you to take training so that you can learn to convert your capital into profits. For example, if you put 500 to 600 fish in a tank, then after 1 month you can earn a profit of 20 to 25000 from it.

Let us tell you, India is the second major producer of fish in the world through aquaculture. India’s share in global fish production is about 7.7 percent contribution and ranks fourth in global exports of indigenous fish production.

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