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20 online business ideas in hindi: JiAfter the arrival of O, there has been a revolution in the field of Internet in India. Now most of the people are connected to the internet. The arrival of the Internet has made possible the exchange of important information on a global scale. Now most of the works are getting help from computer and internet. thousands of such Business Online are done. If you also want to earn money using internet then absolutely you can earn. If your business is good, then you can also make an identity.

today we The Rural India in this blog of 20 online business ideas (20 online business ideas in hindi) Will talk about from which you can easily earn money.

1. By blogging

Blogging is proving to be a very good way of earning money online in today’s era, in this, anyone can write articles by creating a website or their own blog.

Whatever you are interested in, whether it is fashion or cooking, you can earn good money by writing a blog on that topic. When people start visiting your blog, then you can use Google Adsense (Google Adsense) And can earn money from other ads.

2. By creating youtube channel

If you have a smartphone and internet facility and you want many people to watch you sitting at home and also get some money, then running a YouTube channel is a great option for you. You can make videos on your favorite things on your youtube channel. When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes of watch time, then you will start getting money from YouTube. Apart from this, you can also do sponsored videos. You can also earn a lot of money through paid promotion.

3. By giving online coaching classes

There has been a lot of increase in online classes since the time of lockdown during Kovid-19 because after this all the students are doing their school and tuition studies online, so if you are also able to give online tuition then you can earn money from this too. Teaching And classplus You can also give online tuition with the help of an app like this.

4. Online buying and selling of used goods

This business is trending a lot now. Because with the changing times, people are getting more and more interested in changing their lifestyle. You must have seen that now people have more junk or old stuff in their house than before. The main reason for which is the change in their lifestyle.

You can buy this junk at very cheap prices. Then you can earn a lot by selling it in recycling center or you can earn profit by selling online on websites like olx and quikr. This is a great business idea from which many people make a lot of money.

5. Take Photos and Sell Online

In today’s time people share DP on Facebook or WhatsApp. (Display Picture) Also want to get good photoshoots done for posting. If you know how to take photos or are fond of taking photos, then keep uploading some photos on your social media account so that people can know you and in this way people come in contact with you and get photoshoot done by you, so that you can earn a lot of income. .

6. Writing Story and Poems Online

In this run-of-the-mill life, even today many people like to read poetry and stories, if you want any good poem or story which is related to your life or you have heard it somewhere and people will like it, then you You can put it on your website and earn some money from it too.

7. Social Media Marketing

In this work, you have to tie up with a company and promote their product or service on your social media platform. In this, the company pays according to your followers and likes. You can earn millions of rupees through social media marketing because social media is a very fast growing platform in today’s era.

8. Being a Seller

If you have a shop or you have any handmade goods, then you can sell it by becoming a seller on the online e-commerce site. Like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc.

9. Survey Sites

If you want, you can do Pad for online survey sites, where you are asked some questions or advice Questions/Suggestion and you are paid for this. You can also earn money from this.

10. By selling eBooks

If you have good knowledge about any subject and you are fond of writing, then you can write an E-Book on that subject and publish it on online stores like Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart etc. You can earn good money on every book selling.

11. Selling Facebook Pages

If you have 10,000 page likes or more likes, then you can earn money by sending it. To sell Facebook page, you can take help of WhatsApp group Facebook or Facebook group and send the page by setting price or fixing selling price and earn money.

12. Graphic Designing

If you are fond of taking pictures and have knowledge of photo designing, then you can earn money by doing graphic designing.

13. Online Training and Consultancy Service

Only some skilled people can do this work, if you also have such skills, then you can earn a lot of money by providing online training and consultancy services.

14. Web Development

To start this work, it is necessary to have knowledge of programming language like Html, C, C plus plus. If you also have knowledge of programming language, then you can earn lakhs of rupees by creating that page.

15. Business of writing poetry and thoughts

If you are fond of writing Shayari Thoughts, then you can also earn money online by writing them. So this can prove to be a great option for online business for you. You can earn good money by writing Shayari and Thoughts.

16. Voice Over

Voice over i.e. voice work, you do not need to write anything in this, if you want to say something after watching a video, then even if you upload it on social media by speaking, then you can earn from this too.

17. Digital Marketing

In today’s time there is a lot of demand for digital marketing. If you become an expert by doing a digital marketing course, then you too can easily earn good money in a month. Sometimes you easily get 30 to 60 thousand for marketing a project of a customer.

18. Creating a Domain

If you know the work of web domain then this work is very good for you. Because you can become a good host ie organizer in the field of web domain. You can also earn well by organizing webinars. Which you have to connect people on a platform through internet and share their thoughts. Many companies, universities, colleges, schools etc. organize such programs. All of them also give good money in return.

19. Creating an App

If you have knowledge of coding language like Java Kotlin and you are looking for work then you can earn money by making. If you have made an app that comes in the search of most people and your app becomes a hit, then your silver will become silver. For this, you also have to have some technical knowledge.

20. Online Craft and Tailoring Business

If you make something good by hand or stitch good clothes, then you can earn money by selling your goods online by contacting the commerce side.

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