22 of Tate’s Ansar Prakash Parshad! Lakhs of job seekers are closing their chests in the hope of ‘transparent recruitment’ – mssewb.org

: The water of the corruption case regarding the primary Tet has flowed far. In the meantime, avoiding various controversies, after a long gap of five years, the Primary Education Board conducted the Primary TET exam for primary recruitment in 2022. This exam was held in the month of December last year. Now the answer sheet of the exam has also been published by the board. The correct answer to a question is indicated by the board. Keeping in mind the transparent recruitment, the candidates are given OMR sheet or copy this time.

As the Board of Primary Education publishes ‘Ansar Ki’, candidates can also compare their answers. Candidates will easily understand how many of his questions have been answered correctly. Be clear to them exactly how many marks they are getting.

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Ansar Ki was released by the council on Tuesday. Answers of all subjects and all language question papers are given there. www.wbbpe.org and wbbprimaryeducation.org– Can Ansar be seen by going to these two websites? Once the marks are released, TATE candidates will know if there is any problem or not. The board wants to make one last attempt to prove itself transparent amid allegations of corruption. This is what the informed think. However, complaints are being raised that the amount to be paid for the application to highlight the mistake of this answer key is very high. It is absolutely impossible for common examinees. It is known that 500 rupees will be given per question in the notification of the board.

There have been several allegations of corruption in 2014 and 2017 Tet. The central agency is investigating the corruption. In the meantime, the TET exam was conducted on December 11 this year. Lakhs of candidates participated in that exam. The board conducts this exam to recruit more than 11,000 vacancies.

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