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5 major diseases in goats in India in Hindi: for small and marginal farmers goat farming Goat farming is a major means of earning livelihood. goat farming The success of farming depends on the fact that the goats get a good diet and do not have health problems. Although goats have many types of diseases. For this, goat rearers should take special care of them. Many times they die due to more diseases. This causes them a lot of damage.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Symptoms, treatment of 5 diseases in goats (5 Major diseases in goats in India in hindi) know who

1. Foot-and-mouth disease

It is a fast spreading disease in goats. The virus of this disease spreads through mutual touch and air. Goats can also die from this disease.

Symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease

  • Formation of blisters between the mouth and hooves.

  • To walk with a limp

  • Do not eat

  • High fever and miscarriage.

  • Reduced growth rate of the animal.


  • You can apply alum in the goat’s mouth and a solution of blue thread on the hooves.

  • Get vaccinated after every six months.

  • Vaccination is the main prevention of this disease.

2. Enterotoxemia

It is a bacterial disease. Its germs are found in the soil and in the gut of animals in their natural state. A goat affected by this disease may die on the spot or within 36 hours while grazing.


  • Goats stop eating and drinking.

  • Make them dizzy

  • Bloody diarrhea

  • Change in animal feed or not consuming excessive amount of food.

Prevention of enterotoxemia

  • Dissolve 1 or 2 grains of red medicine in half a cup of water and give it to the goat.

  • This disease can be avoided by vaccinating pregnant goats and sheep (last month of pregnancy) and children above 3 months.

  • After doing this treatment the animal gets cured in a week.

3. Smallpox

It is a viral disease. In this disease blisters appear on the body of the animal. These blisters fall off after ripening and their scars are formed. An animal suffering from this disease does not die. Nevertheless, the animal becomes very upset due to itching and becomes irritable.


  • Blisters between the mouth, nose, udder and hind legs of the animal.

  • The animal is very itchy.


4. Plague

This is also a viral disease. This disease spreads rapidly in goats. Children of 4 to 12 months are more affected by this. In this disease diarrhea starts 3 to 4 days after fever and then the animal dies within a week.


  • Animal having high fever.

  • Diarrhea after 3-4 days of fever.

  • Animal having trouble breathing.

  • Do not starve the animal.

  • Discharge from eyes and nose.


The only protection against this disease is vaccination, which is administered once every 3 years.

5. Niemannia

Pneumonia is caused by exposure to cold and dampness. He may also die due to excessive disease. This disease is mainly seen in rain-drenched animals.


  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Cough, discharge from mouth and nose.

  • stop eating and drinking


In this disease, giving steam of turpentine oil gives relief to the animal.

Protect goat rearing animals from moisture and cold.

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