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Top 5 Breeds of Chickens in India, For centuries meat and eggs in India Chicken farming is done. This is the reason that poultry farming has emerged as a major business in rural areas. with farming for farmers poultry farming It is a profitable deal. you at low cost poultry farming business Can do easily.

5 Popular Breeds of Chickens in India

5 Popular Breeds of Chickens in India

1. Asil breed

This breed is mostly reared in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is usually reared for meat only. Its egg laying capacity is less as compared to other chickens. The weight of the male ranges from 4 to 5 kg. The weight of the female ranges from 3 to 4 kg.

2. Kadaknath breed

Kadaknath is a Kalmasi breed of chicken. It is a medicinal breed of chicken. Its color, blood, flesh, egg everything is black. It is basically a species of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. Its meat and eggs are sold very expensive.

3. Grampriya breed

This breed is mostly followed in rural areas. This breed is reared for both eggs and meat. It gives about 210 to 225 eggs in a year. Its weight is about 1.5 to 2 kg.

4. Carry Shyama breed

It is a Kalmasi breed just like Kadaknath. Its colour, blood, mother, egg everything is black. It is also a medicinal breed. It is also followed in Gujarat and Rajasthan along with Madhya Pradesh.

5. Vanaraja

It is considered to be the oldest breed of indigenous chickens. Although its popularity is now a bit less. It gives 120 to 130 eggs in a year.

come on now poultry Let’s know some basic information.

How to start poultry farming

  • Start poultry farming at a small scale and increase gradually.

  • Make arrangements for accommodation, equipment, food in advance.

  • Make the farm at a higher place, so that the moisture does not reach there.

  • The chicks can be kept warm from the brooder till the feathers come out.

  • Make arrangements for electricity and clean water.

  • Make the accommodation comfortable and airy.

  • Get vaccinated on time.

  • Give a balanced diet to the chickens.

  • Give anthelmintic medicine every two months.

  • Research the market beforehand for the sale of chickens.

  • Do contact the Animal Husbandry Department about government schemes and facilities.

Arrangement of housing and bedding for chickens

housing arrangement

Three types of housing can be used in the farm.

  1. Brooders – keep chicks from birth to 8 weeks.

  2. Nursery – Keeps the Growers for 8 to 18 weeks.

  3. Layer house – Egg laying hens are kept.

bedding arrangement

  • Use dry, soft, dust free, mold free, new wood sawdust, straw, paddy husk as bedding.

  • Keep the thickness of the layer 10 cm.

  • Add 1 kg of lime to the bed before the rainy season.

  • Mix 500 grams of super phosphate per 15 square feet of bed if there is an ammonia-like smell.

  • The ideal temperature for chickens ranges from 60 to 75 Fahrenheit.

  • The floor is paved, smooth, 30 cm from the ground outside. It should be high.

  • 2 square feet per hen and 3 square feet for heavy breed hen is required.

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