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7th Pay Commission: Will the much awaited fitment factor hike be announced in the new year? That speculation is spreading among government employees. Because, various central government employees’ organizations have protested several times regarding the increase in fitment factor. As a result, some of the employees are expecting that much awaited fitment factor to increase in the new year. Their hope is that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government can take a decision in this regard in the new year.

Incidentally, currently the fitment factor is 2.57. It is planned to increase it to 3.68 times. Incidentally, whether the basic pay increases or decreases depends on this fitment factor. The fitment factor is decided by the Pay Commission based on various criteria. It can be said that the fitment factor is the unit on the basis of which the increase or decrease in the basic pay is decided. As a result, this unit is of immense importance in terms of salary increment. In view of that, there is speculation about whether the fitment factor will increase or decrease.

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What is being heard so far is that the Modi government may take a decision in this regard after next year’s Union Budget. Because, after the budget there is Holi or Dol festival. The Center can make an announcement in this regard before the Dol festival. In that case, the announcement was a Holi gift for central government employees.

Incidentally, if the center increases the fitment factor at the rate of 3 times, the basic salary of the employees will be 18,000*2.57=46,260 rupees. That too excluding all Karam Bhata or Alliance. If the Center accepts the demands of the workers and increases the fitment factor at the rate of 3.68, then the basic pay will be Rs.26,000*3.68=95,680. And if the fitment factor increases at the rate of 3 times, then the basic pay will be 21000 X 3 = Rs.63,000.

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Incidentally, on September 28, the Center had increased DA and DR by 4% for government employees and retired government employees respectively. The new rates came into effect from July 1, 2022. This rate of increase is fixed depending on the 12-month average consumer price index.
However, even if the DA is increased, the central government employees will not get one and a half year’s arrears of DA, it has been clearly informed by the government.

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