Adani Group: plans to raise the fork! Adani is relying on US agencies to tighten the Hindenburg –

Adani Group: Recently the Adani-Hindenburg controversy has been at the center of discussion in India as well as the world for the past few days. There is no doubt the thrust that a Hindenburg report gave to the Adani empire. It can be said that the report published by Hindenburg Research on January 24 practically ignored the Adani Group. Adani Group’s market cap has practically halved in just 10 days.

However, Gautam Adani is not at all willing to be cornered and lose. That is why Adani Group is fighting a legal battle against Hindenburg. However, after the report was published, the Adani Group claimed that the report was fake from the very beginning. It was said that the company will fight the legal battle. However, Gautam Adani has planned to raise the thorn with a thorn. And that’s why the American company hired the American law firm Wachtel to fight Hindenburg. The company is well-known in America for its legal battles. Even for fighting controversial cases, this watchtel has a world name.

There is still a lot of uncertainty in the Adani Group due to the Hindenburg report. The group is also facing one after another shock in the stock market. In such a situation, the company feels that it is an urgent duty to retain the investors. Besides, it is needless to say that the Adani Group has made great preparations to take revenge for the damage to the reputation of the Adani Group.

Learn some information about Watchtel

Wachtel has a reputation for fighting controversial cases. Last year i.e. 2022 also this company came in the headlines multiple times. Watchtel was hired to fight for and against microblogging site Twitter in a $44 billion Twitter breach lawsuit against Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In a Delaware court, Wachtel sued on behalf of Twitter to compel Elon Musk to complete the deal. Wachtel is one of the most expensive law firms in the world.

The law firm was founded in 1965 by a handful of lawyers. Initially, this firm advised their clients in legal battles. But later the firm gradually expanded and the number of lawyers also increased. Since then the agency has been responsible for major controversial cases. Today, Wachtel has become a big name in the world, including the US, for the most complex, large transactional cases. It goes without saying that Adani hired this company for that reason.

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