Adani took “Panga”! In a few days Anderson, the founder of Hindenburg became very popular –

: Indian industrialist Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani) and Hindenburg Research (Hindenburg Research) have been at the center of discussion in recent weeks. Basically, the American research firm published a report on January 24 making serious allegations against the Adani Group. As a result of which the entire Adani Empire faced huge losses. Even Gautam Adani’s net worth decreased. On the other hand, the popularity of this short seller company and its founder Nathan Anderson (Nathan Anderson) increased in an instant after the report came out about Adani Group.

Huge rise in Hindenburg’s popularity: Basically, Hindenburg is quickly trending on social media in the wake of the report on the Adani group. According to statistics from social media analytics platform SocialBlade, the number of followers of Hindenburg Research has increased by almost 250,000 since the Adani Group report. As a result, the company’s total followers have exceeded 450,000.

Anderson’s followers also grew: Meanwhile, along with Hindenburg, the company’s founder, Nathan Anderson, is also becoming famous on other social media platforms, including Twitter. According to statistics, Nathan Anderson’s number of followers on Twitter increased by 17,000 within a month. Anderson’s Twitter handle is @ClarityToast. In such a situation, his total followers have reached 44 thousand.

Most surprisingly, research firm Hindenburg joined Twitter in July 2017. However, it had very few followers. Meanwhile, Nathan Anderson considers his Twitter handle as a “Personal Account”. Also all his tweets are related to the Hindenburg report. In December 2022, there was only an increase of 430 followers. On the other hand, in January 2023, about 7,000 followers have increased. Not only that, the number has increased significantly in the month of February as well.

Tweets flood after Adani report: In terms of tweets from Anderson or Hindenburg’s Twitter accounts over the past month, Nathan Anderson tweeted/retweeted most of the media reports after the Adani Group report was released. A tweet from this account was made on December 7, 2022, followed by a tweet on January 9. But on January 24, reports about Adani came out and the Twitter account started a flood of tweets. Most of the tweets related to Adani were made on January 25.

The report was published in respect of 16 companies: Already before Adani Group, Hindenburg published reports on about 16 companies including Nicola, Twitter, Vince Finance, China Metal Resource Utilization, SC Works. Out of which the report related to Twitter also came up in the discussion, but the report of Adani Group caused the most stir.

Major damage to Adani: After this report, Gautam Adani dropped out of the top 20 in the list of the world’s top billionaires. Besides, Adani Group’s share price also fell sharply. which continues till now. In such a scenario, Adani Group’s market cap has fallen by more than $117 billion. According to Forbes’ Real Time Billionaires Index, Adani’s net worth has dropped to $52.3 billion and he is currently ranked 24th in the list of richest people.

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