After Google, Amazon, Yahoo! This US tech company is on the verge of massive layoffs –

Recession has hit another big company this time. After Google (Google), Amazon (Amazon), Disney (Disney), Yahoo is going to move towards layoffs this time. In this regard, it is known that this American tech company can lay off 20 percent of its employees at once. Yahoo employees are very concerned about this. According to reports, Yahoo wants to restructure its ad tech unit. This is planned as part of that.

If these reports are true, the lives of thousands of people will be affected. More than 1,600 people are expected to be affected. At the same time, Yahoo may lay off 20 percent of the total workforce from this unit. But it will affect more than 50 percent of the workforce in the US tech company’s ad tech unit.

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Yahoo employees were told last Thursday that 12 percent of the company’s workforce will be laid off. That is, about 1000 workers will be out of work. Also, the remaining 8 percent will be retrenched within the next 6 months. Another 600 people will lose their jobs during that time. However, the CEO said that the company’s financial condition is good. So Yahoo is not laying off workers due to financial problems.

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Along with technology, the shadow of layoffs has also come to the entertainment world. Disney has recently started laying off workers. The company has decided to lay off seven thousand workers suddenly. CEO Bob Iger gave this information. Bob took over the company as CEO last year.

A number of US companies have laid off workers amid a global slowdown. On Wednesday, technology company Zoom announced the layoff of 1,300 employees. Dell also walked the same path. They announced more than 6,000 layoffs on Monday. Google also laid off 12,000 workers in January. Amazon also laid off 18,000 workers.

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