Again in Calcutta, the wealth of the yak! This time, a bundle of notes was recovered from a car on Park Street –

A huge amount of money was recovered in Kolkata. Kolkata Police recovered Rs 50 lakh in cash from a car on Park Street on Monday. Kolkata Police’s Anti-Hooligan Wing and Special Task Force also searched an office in Park Street that day. One person has been arrested in this incident. It is known that the detained person is a resident of New Alipore.

According to police sources, the Kolkata Police conducted a raid on Park Street around 4:30 pm on Monday after receiving information from secret sources. The search was conducted in the car of 49-year-old Rajesh Kasera. During that search money was recovered from this car. Police detained him due to inconsistencies in his statements and not being able to show valid documents. According to the police, they are trying to find out why the person was carrying so much cash.

Calcutta police recovered the money in the city a few days ago. Service bundle bundle notes mailed to a car in Gariahat, South Kolkata. Around one crore cash was recovered at that time. Police arrested two people in this incident. 24 hours before this incident, the Enforcement Directorate (Enforcement Directorate) investigated the case of coal smuggling and recovered one crore forty lakh rupees from a private office in Ballyganj.

The one after another recovery of money in Kolkata is reminiscent of an incident in July last year. At that time crores of rupees were recovered from two flats of former education minister Partha Chatterjee’s close friend Arpita Mukherjee. Tk 21 crore was recovered from a flat in Talliganj. Investigators recovered around 28 crore rupees from the flat in Belgharia. After that, several crores of rupees were recovered from the house of a businessman in Gardenrich. The recovery of money one after another in this way has woken up the investigators.

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