Again ‘Lakh Lakh’ money was recovered in Kolkata, the detectives of Ksku Chargach got down to the investigation –

Searching for the mountain of money in Kolkata again. Kolkata Police (Kolkata Police) arrested three people yesterday evening with many bundles of 500 and 100 rupees. A total of Tk 43 lakh 500 was recovered from the two bags. The police have started an investigation to find out where the money was being taken. Investigators said that a team of Kolkata Police raided Strand Road yesterday after receiving information from secret sources. This huge amount of money was recovered from there.

The police of Lal Bazar’s anti-gangster wing identified three persons roaming suspiciously and seized lakhs of rupees from them. According to the sources, Lalbazar Ganga Daman branch received information from a secret source on Monday afternoon that three people have lakhs of rupees in Strand Road. The police then raided the area and arrested the three suspects.

After taking them to the police station, it was found that they had Tk 43 lakh 500 in their bag. The police is yet to know anything about how so much money came to them. Police have started questioning them. During initial interrogation, the police have identified the accused as Bimal Ojha, Aman Tiwari and Bimal Kumar Divani. Police are investigating whether anyone else is involved in the incident.

According to police sources, the police had been getting information for quite some time that a huge amount of money was entering the city through Hawala. 56 lakh rupees were recovered from Barabazar area of ​​Kolkata in a joint operation of STF and intelligence department on January 2. Police arrested 9 people in this incident. The police also said that there is a possibility that Hawala is connected with the arrested.

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