Air India Airbus Deal: The biggest deal in the history of Air India! 250 aircraft are being purchased, congratulated by the Prime Minister himself –

Air India: Big decision of Tata Group for its airline Air India. According to reports, Tatara plans to buy 250 aircraft for Air India. Among these 250 aircraft are 40 large aircraft (A350). On Tuesday, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran informed about this agreement with Airbus. It is easy to imagine that the airline company is preparing to expand its fleet and routes. Notably, this is the first time in 17 years that Air India is going to order the aircraft. Also, this is going to be Air India’s first order after Air India was taken over by the Tata Group.

The airline last placed an order for 111 aircraft in 2005. 68 planes were then delivered to Boeing and 43 planes were ordered to Airbus.

The Tata Group-owned airline will buy 40 large-body A350s and 210 small-body aircraft from Airbus. In this case, it is reported that larger aircrafts will be used for long distance flights. A flight of more than 16 hours is called a long-haul flight.

An agreement has been signed with Airbus to buy these planes, N Chandrasekaran said. He gave this information in an ‘online’ meeting. According to reports, the meeting was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron. The Prime Minister said, ‘India will rise to third place in the world in terms of air transport. 2500 aircraft will be required in the next 15 years.’

Prime Minister Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron were present at the Air India-Airbus meeting via video conference. Narendra Modi also congratulated French President Macron for this big deal. On the other hand, Macron said, this agreement is a milestone on the path of friendly relations between India and France. “This is a historic moment for Airbus,” the Airbus chief said.

Air India was taken over by the Tatas last year

Air India was acquired by Tatara in January last year. Ever since this acquisition, Tata Group has been taking various steps to take the airline forward. After the acquisition, the airline said it would insist on buying the aircraft. Vihaan. Air India is also planning a transformation roadmap for the next 5 years under AI.

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