At one time Pakistan was happier than India, what happened that Jinnah’s country is standing in the face of destruction today? –

Why is the situation in Pakistan suddenly so bad? You will be surprised to know that at one time Pakistan was in a very good condition (Pakistan Crisis). Pakistan was even better off than India. But today time has changed. Today, this country is not close to India. In fact, there is a serious economic crisis going on. Because of which they can soon drown in darkness.

Inflation has reached such extremes that price gouging has become epidemic. Due to the recent floods, there has been a shortage of food grains. As a result, the prices of daily necessities have skyrocketed. People can’t eat for two meals. But only 60 years ago, there was no such situation in Jinnah’s country. Even, Pakistan was happier than India. But what suddenly happened that resulted in such a bad state of the country?

Only 60 years ago people had money in their pockets. In 1960 Pakistan was better off than India. According to data provided by the World Bank, the per capita income of Pakistan in 1960 was 6,797 Pak rupees. In India then this number was 6 thousand 708 rupees. In other words, Pakistan was 89 rupees ahead of India in terms of per capita income. But in 2021, India’s per capita income was 1 lakh 85 thousand 552 rupees. But the per capita income of Pakistan was 1 lakh 25 thousand 496 rupees.

India has progressed at rocket speed in the last 60 years. But terrorism was rampant in Pakistan. Even Pakistan has fallen far behind as a haven for terrorists. Today they are burdened with debt. Economists say that Pakistan will have to repay several billion dollars of debt in the next 2 years. On top of that they are still taking loan after loan.

In 1960, India’s foreign exchange reserves were 5.46 thousand crore rupees. There Pakistan had 2.61 billion Pakistani rupees. However, in 2021, Pakistan’s forex reserves fell to only 35 thousand crore rupees. On the other hand, India’s foreign exchange reserves increased by Tk 45.92 lakh crore. Pakistan is known all over the world as a country of terrorism. At the same time, the number of educated people in the country is gradually decreasing.

In 1960, Pakistan’s literacy rate was 16.4 percent. In India it was 18.3 percent. But in 2021 India has 74 percent educated people. On the other hand, there are 58 percent educated people in Pakistan. In other words, educated people have either died or left the country in the past years. Not only people but also many organizations have left Pakistan as a result of terrorism.

At the same time inflation has increased as a result of government policies. People’s purchasing power has decreased at a massive rate. But Pakistan government did not pay attention to it. Their finances have also declined. This has also affected the import of daily necessities. A lot of crops were destroyed due to flood on it. So there is a food crisis. Due to these reasons, the situation of the neighboring country is so devastated today. Today, because of this, Jinnah’s country is getting help from other countries.

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