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Controversy arose around the bracketing of the word ‘Azad Kashmir’ in this year’s Madhyamik test paper recently published by the Board of Secondary Education. As soon as the debate raged, discussions began again in various circles to find the same word bracket in the ABTA test paper. However, an apology has already been issued by the CPM teachers’ organization due to the associated word bracket.

ABTA Test Papers are published every year for the convenience of secondary examinees. There the question papers of different schools are given place. Every year Madhyamik examinees practice this test paper during exam preparation. Similarly ABTA test paper has been published this year too. However, allegedly, certain sections of the test paper asked to mark ‘Azad Kashmir’ on the map. A few days ago the related issue came to notice in the test paper of the board. This time ABTA has informed that in this test paper also there has been a mistake in presenting the same question paper. At the same time, it has been informed that how this mistake happened will be investigated. ABTA has since removed the corresponding word bracket from the test paper.

Madhyamik Suggestion 2023 PDF:

Incidentally, in the test paper published earlier by the board, the examinees were asked to mark the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as ‘Azad Kashmir’ on the map of India in the question of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Vidyamandir in Malda. Union Minister of State for Education also made a statement in this regard. Later admitting the mistake, the Board of Madhyamika revised the word bracket ‘Azad Kashmir’ and removed it from the Madhyamik test paper.

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