Ballygunge money case added to the mysterious woman! ED to seek –

Ballygunge (Bullygunje) after the discovery of a large amount of cash, the commotion has started across the state. This incident brought to the fore the presence of a woman of considerable influence in the ED. Now the investigating agency of the state is looking for him. ED officials suspect that many other rich people are known to this woman.

It has already been informed by the Enforcement Directorate that if they can retrieve the identity of this woman, it will be of great benefit to them in conducting the investigation. But they have not yet found out who this mysterious woman is. The ED officials also said that they suspect that the woman was still present during the sale of the Sarat Bose Road guest house recently.

According to confidential sources, the woman has also helped various people in dishonest ways. He used their fake money to whiten their black money. But on the basis of which information ED is complaining so much to a woman? Officials at Dundee ED claim that they are not just making these comments. They have enough evidence against the woman.

In the corruption going on across the state, a minister named Vikram Shakaria kept an eye on and accounted for all the money a minister earned illegally. who owns a real estate company. The woman was in contact with this Vikram on the phone. All kinds of land and house matters were discussed with this lady.

ED learned from the WhatsApp chat that the woman had informed the owner about selling the guest house. He also contacted a close promoter. He used the money he earned in his business. The whereabouts of this mysterious woman can be found based on the source of conversations between various people on the mobile phone with the owner of the guest house.

According to sources, they had a meeting with the guest house owner in an office in South Kolkata five months ago. Vikram was also there. There the woman contacted Manjit Singh Grewal alias Jitti Bhai. Both knew that Zitti handled the illegal black money of influential people. It is also known that the mysterious woman gets a hefty commission by persuading the dhaba owner to pay a hefty sum.

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