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bamboo furniture business in hindi: Nowadays people do not hesitate to buy many expensive decorative items to decorate their home. For the decoration of homes, shopping from big shops to malls, there is a huge demand for bamboo products. Products made from bamboo ie bamboo are useful from home to office as well as to make restaurants beautiful. For this reason its demand is very high.

bamboo furniture There is a huge demand in foreign countries. Also, customers prefer to buy its products online as well. That’s why products made of bamboo are visible from big shopping websites to interior design websites as well. Furniture is needed in every house, from villages to cities, there is a demand for furniture made of bamboo. In big houses, bamboo outdoor furniture is used in the lawn or garden, as well as in the gallery of the apartment, you will see furniture made of bamboo in the balcony.

Bamboo furniture business

If you also want to start a new business or job. So you can start the business of bamboo utensils with low cost so that you can earn big money from it. So let us know in detail the business of bamboo furniture in this article.

Bamboo Business Startup and Cost

You can start its business on a small scale at a cost of Rs 1 lakh to 2 lakh. In this you will need bamboo as well as a craftsman who makes good bamboo products. To start a business, you need to take a trade license from the municipality of your city or from the relevant bodies. For the business of bamboo, along with the most important bamboo, cane will also be needed, which is used to make goods.

Government helps in learning skills

If you want to develop skill in making bamboo products, then the government is running many schemes for this. Related training is given under the National Bamboo Mission, which is absolutely free. National Bamboo Mission Under this, agreements are made with big organizations, in which many types of tasks and skills are taught to promote this business.

Bamboo removed from tree category

Bamboo removed from tree category

Let us tell you that in the year 2018, the central government has removed bamboo from the category of trees, due to which farmers cultivate it very easily. A subsidy of Rs 50 thousand is also being given to the farmers on bamboo cultivation.

how to increase production

When the business of bamboo starts, then you should also increase the number of artisans, so that its production can be more. Many buyers make everything from furniture to swings, bottles, curtains etc. according to their wishes.

You can also make bamboo products by keeping an eye on the latest trends, as well as you can work hand in hand with interior designers. Can deal with offices, restaurants. Make a product with their design, this will increase your profit.

bring business online

You bring your business online, this will increase your profits because in today’s time people have started doing more online shopping. They need everything on just one click, so bring your business to the big online platform and start selling from there. Amazon, Flipkart are working to promote this type of business.

deal with big buyers

You can also increase your work by compromising with big furniture houses. You can also do with builders, contractors because bamboo is also used in building houses, apartments, bamboo is used in interior design which enhances the beauty, as well as outside the house is also decorated with things made of bamboo. .

bamboo furniture business

bamboo candles

Nowadays, I have also seen many such show pieces in which the flame of a candle was fluttering in a design made of bamboo. With this, along with this business, you can also start a new business under this, you can also start making candles. With the bamboo frame, you can start making candle designs. Apart from lighting up the house, candles also serve as decorations. Saw the design of candles in many big home decor show rooms which were beautiful as well as fragrant,,, You can also increase your business by adding candle business to bamboo business. Its raw material is also easily available from nearby shops. You have to take care of the quality of wax for business. Hand made candles sell expensive. If you want, you can also get the machine installed. Where you prepare bamboo furniture, you can also start candle business comfortably in a small place, it will be beneficial that the buyer who comes to buy furniture to decorate the house will also buy beautiful candles to decorate their homes. Along with this, there is also a demand for candles in restaurants and hotels to decorate along with furniture, which can be fulfilled at one place.

If you are thinking of starting a startup then today itself bamboo furniture business Start moving towards self-employment.

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