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So come on, in this article How to do banana farming? Know in detail.

First of all Banana Farming Know the climate for.

Climate for Banana Cultivation

Banana It is a plant of warm climate. This requires more water. It is a tropical crop. Its cultivation is good in temperature of 15 to 30 degree Celsius and 75-85 percent humidity. This crop is good in areas with an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. On the other hand, if this crop is grown below 12 degree Celsius, then there is a high possibility of damage to the crop due to cold. Even if the wind blows at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, the banana crop can be damaged.

soil suitable for banana cultivation

For banana farming (kela ki kheti) loamy soil Best of all. Although banana can be grown in the worst to the best soil, but before starting its cultivation, the soil must be tested.

It is necessary to have drainage, adequate fertility and moisture in the field. Advanced type of sandy soil whose pH level is between 6-5 to 7-5, then advanced cultivation of banana is possible in that situation. Saline and hard soil, calcareous soil etc. are not suitable for this crop. Avoid growing this crop in low-lying soil, soil with poor drainage, high sandy soil etc.

Soil that is neither acidic nor too alkaline. There should be sufficient amount of Phosphorus, Potassium along with sufficient amount of Nitrogen in the soil. This type of soil is very beneficial for banana cultivation. Keeping in mind the climate, soil, temperature, time etc. Banana Farming Should do

how to cultivate banana
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improved varieties of banana

If you want to start banana farming, then keeping in mind the climate, soil etc. it is most important that improved varieties of banana Choose.

more than 20 in india varieties of bananas is available. Dwarf cavendish, Robusta, Monthan, Poovan, Nendran, Red Banana, Nyali, Safed Velchi, Basarai The major varieties of Banana are Ardhapuri, Rasthali, Karpuravalli, Grand Naine etc.

These days G-9 The variety is one of the favorite varieties. It is beautiful to look at and the best variety to produce. While its crop is bigger than others, banana cover is thick, attractive to look at and lasts longer. Its yield is also high.

This is how to prepare for banana farming

  • Try to plow the field 3-4 times in summer.

  • At the time of last ploughing, mix well the farmyard manure in the soil.

  • Use laser leveler and blade harrow to level the soil of the field.

  • The best time for sowing is between February and first week of March.

  • In the coastal areas of North India, where the temperature is less than 5-7 °C, the spacing should not be less than 1.8 m X 1.8 m for planting.

  • Plant the banana roots in pits of 45x45x45 cm or 60x60x60 cm for seed depth.

  • Try to leave the pits in the open sun, by doing this the insects that harm the crop will die.

  • Fill the pits with 10 kg FYM or rotted cow dung, 250 gm neem cake and 20 gm carbofuron.

  • Put the banana plant in the middle of the pit and press it by adding soil around it, do not plant too deep.

Pest and Disease Management

It should be the endeavor of every farmer to identify the pests affecting the crop, such as fruit weevil, rhizome weevil, banana aphid, thrips, nematode, sigatoka leaf spot disease, anthracnose, palmana disease, fusarium wilt, bunch formation By identifying diseases etc., according to the advice of experts, we can save the crop by applying insecticides etc.

For banana cultivation, you Krishi Vigyan Kendra Can take training and advice from agricultural scientists of.

Cost and Earning in Banana Cultivation

If you have one acre of land on which you Banana Farming want to do If you plant saplings on it at a distance of 1.8 x 1.5 metres, you will be able to plant a total of 1452 saplings. The average price of a plant of Grand G-9 is Rs 15, so you will be able to buy plants for about Rs 20,328, if you consider the cost of fertilizers and other things to be around Rs 30,000, then you can do farming for Rs 50,000.

On the other hand, many crops come out of a banana tree, on an average only two flowers come out of a tree and at that time the market price of the mandi is Rs. 250, so in one season the farmer can earn seven lakh 26 thousand rupees.

Before starting farming, it is necessary to have complete information about it and take expert help. If you do farming with the help of experts, then you can earn better production and profits from banana farming.

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