Beautiful location, you will get the workers! This island is being sold at the price of a flat –

: Everyone dreams of building a beautiful house of their own. Besides, in keeping with the times, many also buy preferred flats. However, buying a home for yourself is not easy in the current inflationary climate. But, if we say that now you can buy an entire island at the price of a luxury flat, then you will surely be surprised? Yes, surprisingly, this is the opportunity. Through which you can own an entire island very easily.

Basically, you can buy that island for less than what it would cost you to buy a luxury flat in the world’s major cities these days. The island offers multiple benefits including great location and presence of workers. Not only that, you can proudly tell everyone that you own not a house or a flat but an entire island.

What is there on that island? Let us inform in this context that the island we are presenting is located in Central America. Tropical Island Iguana is spread over about 5 acres. A three-room luxury house has been built there amidst coconut and banana groves. Also, there is a 28 feet high observation tower on the island. From where you can see the beautiful view of the island.

Note that, as reported by, Iguana Island is not exactly cut off from all amenities. Because, here you will get TV signal in addition to WiFi and phone facilities. Iguana Island is located about 12 miles from Bluefields, a volcanic site in Nicaragua.

The island will be yours for Rs 3.86 crore: In this case, if you want to buy this island, you will have to spend 4 lakh 75 thousand dollars or 3.86 crore rupees in Indian currency. Even a small flat in the best cities of the world is not available at this price. Even in our country Delhi-Mumbai only one luxury flat can be bought by spending so much money. But now you can own an entire island at this price.

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