Become a ‘millionaire’ by saving only 1458 rupees a month! Take advantage of this investment –

We all dream of a safe and secure future. We all wish we could become millionaires easily. But for many, this dream remains a dream. But if you also want to become a millionaire and have a healthy and beautiful life after retirement, then build your fund of crores of rupees very easily from now.

Although we all dream of becoming a crorepati, saving that amount of money or investing is not a word of mouth. But if you really want to become a millionaire then start investing now. The sooner you start investing, the sooner you will get the opportunity and benefit of earning crores of rupees. But the minimum amount of money to invest is possible? How much money to invest every month?

Sharekhan, a share market agency, says that if one wants to own crores of rupees in the next 5 years, he will have to deposit 1,35,196 rupees per month in his SIP (SPI) at 8% monthly interest rate. According to further information received from the agency, if you earn 10% monthly interest, then deposit Rs 1,28,070 in SIP and if 15% monthly interest rate you deposit Rs 1,11,506, (all monthly As per SIP) and above all at 25% interest per month you have to deposit Rs 83,442 per month.

Then come to the investment of crores of rupees in 10 years. You need to deposit Rs 54,299 per month at 8% monthly interest. At 10% rate it will be Rs 48,414, at 15% interest rate Rs 35,887 and at 25% interest rate you have to deposit Rs 18,769 every month. Similarly, for a 15-year investment, you get Rs 28,708 per month at 8% interest rate, Rs 23,928 at 10% interest rate, Rs 14,775 at 15% interest rate and only Rs 5114 per month at 25% interest rate. have to pay Now let’s talk about the 20-year investment of crores of rupees. You will become a millionaire if you save 16,865 rupees per month at 8% interest rate, 13,060 rupees at 10% interest rate, 6597 rupees at 15% interest rate and only 1458 rupees per month at 25% interest rate.

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