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Bee Farming in Hindi: Bee keeping Agriculture is a business. Bee keeping (Bee Keeping Farming) Which has low cost and high profit. People associated with agriculture or unemployed youth can easily do this business.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of Bee keeping (madumkhi palan) Know the important points related to


  • What is Bee Farming?

  • Beekeeping Methods

  • Suitable time and environment for beekeeping

  • types of bees

  • bee enemies

  • Major diseases of bees

  • prevention of diseases

  • beekeeping products

  • materials for beekeeping

  • help from the government

  • Example of high profit with low cost

  • how to earn from beekeeping

First of all know.

What is Bee Farming?

Bee keeping (Bee Keeping) One such agribusiness is. In which bees are reared for honey or wax. Nowadays this business is playing a very important role in the development of rural areas. If farmers want, they can earn lakhs of rupees even by starting beekeeping from a small scale. This business is directly related to agriculture, horticulture, fruit production. Let us tell you, India ranks fifth in terms of honey production.

Beekeeping Methods

traditional beekeeping

Hundreds of years ago in India Bee keeping (madumkhi palan) is being done. In traditional beekeeping, we still keep bees in earthen pots, in wooden boxes, in the hollows of tree trunks or in the cracks of the wall. To obtain honey from honey-filled hives, the hives are either cut and squeezed or boiled on fire. Then filter this honey with a cloth. By this method, only dirty and impure honey can be obtained, which is sold at a low price.

scientific beekeeping

In many countries, bees are kept in boxes made of wood in the modern way, which are called modern beehive it is said. Keeping bees in this way does not harm the hives containing eggs and young ones. Honey is filled in separate hives and this honey is taken out by machine without cutting the hives. These empty hives are put back into the apiary (box), so that the bees sit on them and start collecting honey again.

Suitable time and environment for beekeeping

  • suitable environment

This industry is more profitable with floriculture. Due to which your income increases by 20 to 80 percent. Beekeeping can be easily done in areas with trees like Sunflower, Carrot, Chilli, Soybean, Poppylentils gram, Fruit trees like Lemon, Tangerine, Amla, Papaya, Guava, Mango, Orange, Sweet lime, Grapes, Eucalyptus and Gulmohar. The apiary should be flat and have plenty of water, air, shade and sunlight.

Guava, jamun, banana, coconut, pear and flower trees should be planted for 1 to 2 kilometers around the place of beekeeping.

  • opportune time

Bee keeping (madumkhi palan) The time from January to March is most suitable, but the time from November to February is a boon for this business. During this time the temperature is most suitable for bees and in this season the queen bee lays more eggs.

Come, now let us know about the different species of bees.

types of beestype of bee

Four types of bees are used for this business. These are-

  • apis mellifera

  • apis indica

  • Apis Dorsala

  • apis florea

for this business Apis mellifera flies It is more honey producing and calm in nature. They can be easily reared in boxes. The egg-laying capacity is also high in the queen bee of this species.

Types of bees according to function

Queen Bee

The work of laying eggs is done by the queen bee. Other bees do the work of guarding these eggs.

worker bees

Worker bees are the most numerous in the hive. There are many parallel stripes on their abdomen. It is the bee that stings. The amount of honey collected also depends on the abundance of these bees.

male bee

The job of the male bee is to impregnate the queen. It doesn’t have to do any other work. The male bee keeps on eating the honey stored in the hive. It is slightly larger than the worker bee and smaller than the queen.

bee enemies

Major diseases of bees

american fallbrood

It is a closed larval disease caused by the larvae of the spore-forming bacteria Paenibacillus. Adult bees are not affected by this pathogen. However, adult worker bees inadvertently spread the disease by feeding contaminated honey to younger larvae. New beekeepers are often inexperienced and often contribute to the spread of the disease by swapping infected frames with healthy colonies when dividing a colony. Therefore, during first year hive inspection and colony division experienced beekeepers You can avoid a lot of trouble by taking the help of.

European Fallbrood

The disease is caused by the germ Melisococcus plutonis, which does not form spores like the germ Paenibacillus. Therefore infected colonies rarely die. However, the number of bees in the colony (and therefore honey production) can be greatly affected. The spread of the disease can sometimes be reduced by introducing a new queen to the infected colony.


Nosema is the most serious disease of adult bees and can affect workers, male bees and even the queen. It is caused by Nosema apis and Nosema cerene protozoa. In this, most of the infected bees suffer from severe dysentery and can defecate inside the hive, which is never so much under normal conditions. The disease spreads due to excreta inside the hive. Infected worker bees become very weak and cannot handle the heavy work of the hive. Bees roaming for food often become extremely exhausted and die before arriving at the hive.

prevention of diseases

To protect the bees from the above diseases, formic acid and sulfur should be sprayed from time to time.

beekeeping products

Beekeeping is mainly done for the production of honey, wax, royal jelly etc.


Bees store the pollen grains of flowers and keep them inside and store the juice of flowers in their hive and convert the juice of those flowers into honey.

Honey is such a thing that apart from being delicious to eat, it is also full of medicinal properties. Honey alone is a natural source of calcium, iron and carbohydrates in addition to B vitamins and vitamin C. Antiseptic antibacterial properties are also found in honey. This red-yellow thick substance contains many such nutrients, due to which we can get rid of many diseases by regular consumption. Due to the many medicinal properties of honey, the demand for honey has increased manifold during the global pandemic like Corona. Thus beekeeping (madumkhi palan) is a profitable business from the economic point of view.

benefits of eating honey

  • Honey provides energy to the body.

  • Honey cleanses the arteries and blood, it is also beneficial in throat infection.

  • Eating one spoon of honey with fresh butter does not cause fever.

  • Giving honey to children increases their memory.

  • It is used in cough, cold, digestion, eye disorders, blood pressure and cosmetics.


After honey, the second valuable and useful substance, which is obtained from bees, is wax. This is how they make their honeycombs. To make wax, bees first eat honey, then by generating heat from it, they take out small pieces of wax through their glands.

royal jelly

Royal jelly with a spicy-acidic sweet taste is a healthy food substance secreted by young bees. Royal jelly is also produced from the honeycomb but it is used as food for the queen bee. It is also called royal jelly honey.

materials for beekeeping

  • wooden box

  • boxframe

  • mesh mouth cover

  • gloves

  • knife

  • Honey

  • removing machine

  • drum for collecting honey

These are simple things, now let’s talk about some business related things so that our readers can be explained the meaning of help from the government and more profit in less cost.

help from the government

To start this business, the government helps in the establishment of a honey processing plant. For the establishment of this plant, 65 percent of the total cost is given as a loan. Apart from this loan, a subsidy of 25 percent is also received from the government. In this way, the entrepreneur has to invest only 10% of the total cost from himself, if the total cost comes to 24,50,000, then about 1600000 rupees will be given as loan and as margin money, the entrepreneur will get a total of ₹ 600000. It is said that in this way the entrepreneur needs to invest only ₹ 200000 from himself.

low cost high profit example

If you want, you can start beekeeping even by taking 10 boxes, suppose if you get 40 kg of honey per box, then the total honey will be 400 kg, selling 400 kg of honey at the rate of ₹ 350 per kg will earn 1 lakh 40 thousand. If the cost per box is Rs 3500 then the total cost will be Rs 35000 and the net profit will be Rs 10 lakh 50 thousand. This business increases at least 3 times every year with the increase in the number of bees, that means the business started with 10 boxes can be 25 to 30 boxes in 1 year.

how to earn from beekeeping

Decide beforehand what size your bee farm business is going to be. If you are into manufacturing, you need a good understanding of its science and technology. That it is not an easy task and you will have to hire professionals the bigger the scale of your business. Also decide what your reach will be. Now that you have your own bee farm, are you ready to market it online? If it’s also set up as an online store, How will you manage storage, packaging and distribution?

If farmers sell their honey through any organization in rural areas, they will still get profit and if this is not possible, then they can sell honey in rural areas by packing it in a bottle or packet, which will make more profit in less cost. Can get because in just one epidemic like Corona, the demand for honey had increased immensely to increase immunity power. That’s why if honey or any other item is pure then there is not much difficulty in selling it.

I hope this blog Bee keeping All my farmer friends will be satisfied with the given information. If you also want to start a business Bee keeping (madumkhi palan) Must follow. For more information related to beekeeping, also study magazines, apart from this, visit your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra Must take training from

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