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Artificial insemination procedure in cows and buffalo: Dairy industry and animal husbandry are rapidly flourishing in the country. The total livestock population in the country is 535.78 million. Farmers also have to face many challenges in animal husbandry. animals at the right time Conception Absence of fertility and the problem of infertility comes. This happens because when the animal is in heat, the cattle rearers do not get the bull or the bull.

Because of which animal keeper They are not able to start milk work on time and they suffer a lot financially.

so today we The Rural India In this article of artificial insemination (artificial insemination) Giving information related to.

artificial insemination Such a unique way. through which the female animal without the male animal pregnancy can be done.

so let’s know What is artificial insemination? Learn advantages of artificial insemination And the right way.

What is artificial insemination? (What is artificial insemination?)

Artificial insemination is the fastest way to get an animal pregnant in today’s time. In this type of conception, bull or bull semen is taken and stored (fertilized) in the female animal’s body. Through this the animal easily conceives. During this process, it is not necessary for male and female animals to have sexual intercourse with each other. This process is called artificial insemination. Let me tell you, semen remains safe in liquid nitrogen for many years.

Benefits of artificial insemination

Those farmers and cattle rearers who want to increase their monthly income or want to improve the milk production capacity of their animal. for them artificial insemination It is very beneficial.

Animal rearers can also use semen of a foreign bull through artificial insemination technique. Due to which the milk production capacity is better.

Through this technique thousands of animals can be impregnated in a year.

Artificial insemination is usually done in 100 to 150 rupees. Whereas more money has to be spent on keeping a bull or a bull.

artificial insemination The procedure is very safe and it also takes less time to perform. Whereas it takes more time at the time of insemination through bull or bull.

artificial insemination method

artificial insemination Even though animals are not needed for this. But it is very important to take some precautions in this. Apart from this, a vet and technician are required. Along with this, some equipment is also required. Not only this, it is also necessary to clean the animal properly. If these things are not taken care of, then the animal cannot become pregnant.

Important facts about artificial insemination

  • During artificial insemination, keep in mind that the female animal is in the season cycle.

  • Have the vet clean the gun thoroughly before insemination.

  • Place the gun in the right position and release the semen.

  • At least 10 to 12 million sperm are necessary for conception.

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