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Integrated farming in hindi: In ancient times farming was not possible without the help of animals. Animals were used for most of the agricultural work. But today the trend of farmers towards animal husbandry is decreasing. Because of which their income has also decreased.

Even today, along with farming, animal husbandry has many benefits. This promotes organic farming. it’s kind of Integrated farming In which both crops and animals get benefited.

Benefits of animal husbandry

  • from animal sources Cow dung And urine It increases the fertile power of the land.

  • We do not get income from farming throughout the year.

  • We get regular income from animal husbandry throughout the year.

There are many dimensions of animal husbandry.

Although animal husbandry has been considered separate, the truth is that animal husbandry is completely a part of agriculture. Animal husbandry does not only mean milk production but apart from milk, eggs, meat, organic fertilizers etc.

Many animals and birds like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, cock, quail, duck are reared in animal husbandry. For this, you can use modern technology and methods. These days, such technology has also come, due to which the cow will give birth only to the heifer.

Do research before opening a dairy

If this animal husbandry is done in a scientific way and not in a normal way, under a well-thought-out strategy, then this animal husbandry including farming can prove to be a good deal. While buying any animal or bird under animal husbandry, it is very important to take care of its breed. This is the first ladder in the category of animal husbandry, by climbing which you reach the top.

Tips for animal husbandry

While purchasing cattle, you should talk to a veterinarian as well as inquire about its pedigree. Now when you buy animals and birds and bring them home, they need to be fed good quality fodder. Only if you give good nutrition, you will get good results. Good and nutritious fodder makes animals and birds healthy and their productive capacity is better. For this also you can take the advice of a veterinarian. The way you take care of yourself according to the season, it is also important to take care of them. For example, if it is hot, give them enough water to drink, keep their living space cool. Bathe them daily. Keeping their living space clean and providing an open environment will reduce their risk of disease. You can use any insecticide for cleaning. Fresh air and adequate lighting are equally important.

Similarly, by doing farming according to the season, you will not only be able to sell the crop, but can also make fodder for animals from it. Cow dung can also be used to make vermicompost and gobar gas. According to the soil test of your field, organic fertilizers can be used and crops can also be grown. Apart from traditional crops, attention can also be given to those crops, from which the income is good.

Characteristics of a healthy and milch animal

  • Milch cattle are healthy, agile at first sight.

  • The skin should be thin, there should not be much meat, thick skinned animals do not give much milk.

  • There is a problem of reproduction in animals with thick skin and fat.

  • taper at the head and wider at the back

  • The chest should be broad and bones should not be visible.

  • The legs of the animal should be straight and should not drag when walking.

  • Eyes should be bright and clear.

  • Ears should be alert and should not flow.

  • Saliva should not fall from the mouth.

  • The animal eats and chews normally.

New Model, Better Earnings

Growing four-five types of crops in your field instead of growing one crop can prove to be a good and safe source of income. Like if one crop is not good then other crops will be good. If there is a loss on one crop, it can be compensated by other crops. Similarly, under animal husbandry, you keep animals of different breeds. For example, if you are raising cows, keep cows of different breeds instead of one breed of cow. If there is any defect in one due to this, then the rest will be fine.

There are many for animal husbandry official Scheme (government schemes for animal husbandry)

Governments of various states, including the government of our country, have come up with various schemes to promote animal husbandry along with agriculture. its name Kisan credit card Is. Under this, loans are given to farmers not only for cow-buffalo rearing but also for sheep-goat rearing, poultry, fisheries etc. This loan can be taken up to Rs 10 lakh.

The government also gives subsidy on the interest rate in these schemes. That is, very little interest has to be paid on the loans taken under these schemes. For this type of loan, the farmer needs to give an affidavit from the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department. Along with this, your animal also has to be insured, for which very little has to be spent. Along with this, the borrower also has to submit documents like NOC, electricity bill, Aadhaar card.

Along with farming, the possibilities in animal husbandry are continuously increasing. It is not necessary that educated youth migrate to cities for jobs. Rather, self-employment can be done with new technology by taking advantage of your education. The dream of a developed India can be realized by going back to its roots.

it was animal husbandry The matter of but, The Rural India But you will also get many important information on issues like agriculture and mechanization, government schemes and rural development. blogs Will meet, by reading which you can increase your knowledge and also inspire others to read them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- What is the importance of animal husbandry in agriculture?

Agriculture and animal husbandry have been complementary to each other since ancient times. Even today organic farming is not possible without animal husbandry.

Question- What is the relationship between farming and domesticated animals?

Answer- Farming and domestication are two sides of the same coin. In organic farming, on the one hand, where farming is done with the help of animals, on the other hand, animals get fodder only from farming.

Question- What is the benefit of animal husbandry to us?

Answer- Animal husbandry gives us milk, leather, eggs, meat and the power of bulls for agricultural work.

Question- Why did agriculture and animal husbandry develop together?

Answer- Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has been getting basic things from agriculture, from grains to milk and meat. All these things were not possible without animal husbandry. Since ancient times, farming has been done with the help of animals.

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