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happy seeder machine price: Keeping in mind the increasing pollution in our country Stubble Burning is strictly prohibited. In such Rice Sowing of wheat after harvesting is no less than a big trouble.

paddy straw The farmer has to work very hard to remove it. Sometimes wheat sowing is also delayed due to stubble management. In such a situation, for the farmers who cultivate wheat Happy Seeder Agricultural Machineryhappy seeder machine There is a better option.

so come today The Rural India in this article of Happy Seeder Agricultural Machinery Learn about

What is Happy Seeder Machine?

Happy Cedar (happy seeder It is a modern agricultural machine. It is made with the help of rotor and zero tillage drill. With its use, wheat can be sown without plowing the field i.e. by zero tillage method. By using this machine, we can sow wheat without removing the paddy straw from the field.

How does Happy Seeder work?

  • The Happy Seeder machine is equipped with a rotavator unit at the front, which prepares beds in the field by pressing the paddy straw into the soil.

  • Along with this, it is equipped with a zero tillage machine, so that wheat can be sown without plowing the field.

  • Two boxes are made in this device, in which fertilizers and seeds are filled separately.

  • The Happy Seeder is run with a tractor.

Benefits of Happy Seeder

  • About 6 to 8 acres of land can be sown in a day by this machine.

  • Wheat can be sown easily with the help of this machine at low cost.

  • Sowing with this method reduces the problem of weeds in the field.

  • from this device zero tillage method Sowing is done from Due to which water is also saved at the time of irrigation.

  • Due to sowing with zero tillage method, there is a reduction in the cost of plowing the field.

  • We can increase or decrease the depth of the middle as per our requirement.

  • Saves time and effort.

  • The fertilizer capacity of the soil increases.

  • Sowing with Happy Seeder machine saves about Rs 5,000 per acre of land.

Happy seeder machine price

Happy seeder machines are available in the market from many companies and in many models. in the market happy seeder machine price 50 to Rs 3 lakh.

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