Bicycle was available for only 18 taka! Everyone is shocked to see the decades old bill –

: At present, everyone is burdened with rising inflation. As a result, the price of everything has increased. In this situation, many posts are being observed on social media about what the prices of goods were a few years ago in terms of recent times. Sometimes bike, sometimes gold-silver and sometimes the price of bicycle is also added to that list.

You will be surprised to know that 89 years ago in India, the price of a bicycle was only 18 rupees. But today, a mechanic does not even fix a bicycle puncture with this money. Even two cups of coffee cost more than that. Currently, a bicycle bill from 1934 is going viral on social media. The netizens were shocked to see this.

That bill was shared by a Facebook user named Sanjay Khare. There Khare claimed that it was the bill of his uncle’s bicycle. In the caption with Bill’s photo, he wrote, “A bicycle must have been my grandfather’s dream. How the wheel of time turns like a bicycle wheel!” The bill Khare shared is from Kumud Cycle Works in Kolkata. The bicycle was sold on January 7, 1934. The 1933 model bicycle had a bell and lights. The price of which was only 18 rupees.

Meanwhile, netizens have also made various comments about this bill, which has already been shared on social media. In this context, a user wrote, “Really how much the country has changed now. Now you can’t even get a seat for 18 taka, let alone a bicycle.” On the other hand, another user wrote, “In today’s time, that bike was very expensive. Then the salary of government mechanic was 12 taka, head clerk 20 taka and collector 50 taka.”

Incidentally, in terms of use, bicycles have become the main means of transportation in our country. Even today many people keep bicycle as their only mode of transportation. However, bicycles were not only used by ordinary people. Rather, this vehicle is also on the wishlist of celebrities. Whether in England or South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi often rode his bicycle everywhere. Even today, Gandhiji’s bicycle is preserved in the Sabarmati Ashram. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav also cycled extensively. Union Minister Mansukh Mandavya still often travels to Parliament by bicycle.

The ISRO cycle carried the rocket components: You will be surprised to know that the bicycle also played an important role in India’s first rocket launch. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was known as Indian National Committee for Space Research in 1962. It launched India’s first rocket in 1963. Parts of this rocket were transported to the launch site on a bicycle.

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