Big shock for pensioners in the new year! The news of disappointment was heard by the central government –

Big news is coming in the new year for pensioners. Retired government employees are going to be shocked by the information that is coming out. According to an information from EPFO ​​(Employees Provident Fund), pensioners who were working before 2014 have been issued new identity cards as a result of the new guidelines.

All in all, they are going to be quite worried. The pension of several employees may be stopped permanently by the Central Government. The news is coming for employees who have been availing this benefit for the past five years. As the new pension information came out through the EPFO ​​circular, there was dissatisfaction among the pensioners.

According to a circular of EPFO, pensioners who have been working since September 1, 2014 are getting higher salary pension. Their pension can be withheld. An investigation into this matter will begin soon. It will be seen that more pension is not paid to those who started getting pension from January 2023. This pension level will be changed by fixing it at 5 or 6 thousand level. EPFO has submitted a proposal on the matter.

A pension department official feels that thousands of pensioners may lose out as a result of the current calculations. In order to take any action related to pension, the pensioners must first be informed about this matter. To find out whether para 11(3) option of epf has been availed for those who joined before 1st September 2023.

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