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Biofloc fish farming in hindi: To increase the income of farmers fish farming There is a better option. but we all know that fish farming for pond It is very important to have Small farmers do not have large space for pond, in such a situation it is a big problem for small farmers to join the business of fish farming.

but biofloc method successfully in less than Fisheries can be done. Biofloc technology (biofloc fish farming) Farmers and cattle herders can earn good profits through low cost.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of biofloc fish farming Learn the details.

What is biofloc technology? (What is Biofloc technology?)

biofloc fish farming There is a new technique in which fishes are reared even in less space. In this method, fish are reared in a tank. Excreta and excess food coming out of fishes are converted into protein cells. Later it is used as fodder for fishes.

Follow these fish with biofloc technique

Pangasius, Tilapia, Desi Mangur, Singhi, Common Carp, Pabda, etc. varieties of fishes can be reared with this technique.

Essential tools for Biofloc technology

Biofloc technology (biofloc fish farming) There should be arrangement of electricity for fish farming. Fish farming is not possible with this technique due to lack of electricity. Apart from this you also need cement tank, tarpaulin tank, aeration system, probiotics, fish seed.

Advantages of Biofloc Technology

  • Fish can be reared even without a pond.

  • This technology reduces the cost of fishing.

  • Water is saved.

  • Fish can be reared in limited space.

  • Biofloc technology has low labor cost as compared to pond.

  • There is no risk of theft of fish.

  • How much does Biofloc technology cost?

  • If you install a tank of 10,000 liters, then it costs you about 32,000 rupees. This tank can be used for 5 years.

Cost and profit in fish farming with Biofloc technology

  • The cost and profit in biofloc technology depends on the size of the tank.

  • Fish also grow well in large tanks.

  • If you install a tank of 10,000 liters, then it costs you about Rs 32,000. This includes tanks and tank equipment, etc.

  • This tank can be used for 5 years.

  • The cost increases with the size of the tank.

  • Fish farming in a tank of 10 thousand liters costs about 25 thousand rupees every 6 months.

  • Every 3 to 4 months, 5 to 6 quintals of salable fish are obtained from a 10,000 liter tank.

  • There is more profit on rearing expensive fishes.

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