Bonus Calculation: 4 years salary will be given as a bonus! Employees rejoice at the company’s decision –

Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corp has announced that it will pay employees 50 months’ salary as a bonus.

4 years salary will be given as a bonus! Employees rejoice at the company’s decision


  • Evergreen Marine Corp has announced a 4-year salary bonus to employees.
  • The amount of bonus will depend on the employee’s rank and job performance.
  • The workers expressed joy at this announcement.
Bonus: Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corp is offering a surprising bonus to some of its employees. About 50 months salary or 4 years salary is being given as bonus. This is considered to be a very important event. According to an official aware of the matter, a decision has been taken to give about 4 months salary as bonus. However, the official is reluctant to reveal his name. According to company sources, the amount of the bonus will depend on the rank of the employee and his work performance. However, the company has made it clear that this bonus is only applicable to employees in Taiwan. Year-end bonus is always given based on the performance of the company for the year and individual performance of the employees. A statement issued by Evergreen Marine said: But nothing more was revealed there.

Evergreen Marine’s operations have expanded in recent times. The scope of its activities has suddenly increased. As the company’s profit has also increased. Especially in the last 2 years the company’s profits have increased. Because, the demand of the buyers has increased. The company’s 2022 revenue is expected to grow to a record $20.7 billion. Which is 3 times more than 2020 sales. Incidentally, Evergreen Marine hit the headlines in 2021. At that time one of the company’s ships was stuck in the Suez Canal. It disrupts the supply chain. After that the employees are paid 52 months salary as bonus. A number of employees received payments of more than $65,000 on December 30. A Taiwanese newspaper said so.

However, not all Evergreen Marines receive this benefit. There is also anger among them. Shanghai-based workers received bonuses of only 5-8 times their monthly salary. As a result, they complained of unfair treatment to the company for good reasons. The recent bonus may bode well for the future as well. But at the same time, a warning to workers from the shipping company said growth would slow due to international economic complications. As a result, demand for products will decrease, freight charges will increase. This can have a significant impact on the profitability of the company. The company had 250% profit in 2021. Evergreen Marine’s stock has fallen 54% in the past year.

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