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Budget 2023-24: The Union Budget 2023-24 will be presented next month. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present this budget in Parliament on February 1. About a few months before the presentation of the budget, the center wanted to know what the common people wanted from the budget, what were their suggestions about the budget. Several suggestions have already been submitted regarding the budget

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted a press release from ‘My Gov’ seeking suggestions from the general public on the budget. “Looking for ideas and suggestions on Budget 2023-24. http://MyGov.in,” he tweeted.

Incidentally, every year the Ministry of Finance invites the general public to participate and consult on the preparation of the budget. This time the press release informed, “Share your suggestions and ideas with us to make India a global economic powerhouse. Several ideas given by you earlier have been kept in the budget later.”

How to convey your advice to the government?

First go to the website of government portal My Gov. There you have to go to the idea tab of Union Budget 2023-24. Then login with OTP. Go to the comments tab here and give your suggestions.

Budget 2023

What are the challenges in this year’s budget?

Although the budget presentation day is in a month, several issues are keeping the finance ministry worried. On the one hand, the weakness of the rupee against the dollar, on the other, the eye-popping inflation. The central budget will be presented in the meantime. Experts believe that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine may also partially affect the budget. But there are Lok Sabha elections in 2024. It goes without saying that the Center will want to make the budget presentation public before that.

In such a situation, common people also have mercury of expectations around the budget. Common people are also keeping an eye on whether steps are taken in the budget to reduce the prices of daily necessities starting from tax breaks.

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