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Business Ideas: Nowadays many people plan to do business. But many people are afraid to walk on the business road because they don’t know what kind of business to do. Here is a superhit business idea from which a person can earn thousands every month. Although there are many popular business ideas nowadays, the business of making children’s garments is very popular. In today’s India, thousands of babies are born every day, so the demand for children’s clothing is always higher than that of adults. In such a situation children garments business can be very profitable.

Children’s clothes are now colored with various works. The clothing market is getting bigger due to new fashion trends. Getting into this children’s garment business is actually very easy.

How much money will it take to start this business?

Khadi and Village Industries Commission has prepared a report on children garment business. According to the report, starting a children’s clothing business will cost around Rs 9,85,000. The device setup alone will cost around Rs 6,75,000. 3,10,000 will be required for working capital As a result, the total cost of this business will be 9 and a half lakhs.

Children Garments Business

Clothing business requires license

Like all businesses, this clothing business also requires a license. Trade licenses are issued by local municipalities. GST is required in addition to trade license.

How much money can this business make?

A report by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission says that the children’s garment business can produce 90,000 garments a year. One will be sold for 76 rupees. 37,62,000 will be spent on making the total garment. In this case the total surplus will be Rs.4,37,500. As a result, an annual income of Rs. 3,70,000 can be obtained.

How to get government help?

If a person does not have money to do business, then a loan can be taken under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Scheme. To get money in this scheme, one has to apply for a loan from the bank.

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