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button mushroom farming: now-a-days Mushroom There is a lot of demand. Mushroom is very tasty to eat. Thousands of types of mushrooms are found in nature. But not all types of mushrooms are edible. in these mushrooms button mushroom Far ahead in terms of production and income. Cultivation of button mushroom (cultivation of button mushroom Happens in many states of India.

So come on The Rural India In this article we Button Mushroom Cultivation Cultivation of button mushroom Know in detail.

so far you have our blog,article I read that mushroom production (mushroom farming How is a better option for farmers. Mushroom farming (mushroom farming To do this, farmers do not need a farm. farmers who do not have land Mushroom farming Can easily earn a living.

In this article you will learn-

  • Button Mushroom Cultivation How to do (how to cultivate button mushroom)
  • Required Climate of Button Mushroom
  • Methods of cultivation of button mushroom

First of all Button Mushroom Farming have a look at Let’s put

button mushroom Fleshy and cap-like in shape. The demand for this mushroom is highest in the market. Button Mushroom Cultivation (Button mushroom cultivation) Mostly done in India. an estimated of total mushroom cultivation in India 80% Part is of button mushroom cultivation. production wise Button mushroom has the first place in the world.

Climate Required for Button Mushrooms

Cold climate is suitable for any type of mushroom production. Button mushroom is grown in rabi season. Its time from October to February is favourable.

for button mushrooms 22,25 centigrade temperature and 80-85
percent moisture is required.

Preparing to Grow Button Mushrooms

Compost is required for growing button mushrooms. For this you can use paddy straw or wheat straw.

Use only good quality new straw to make compost. Mustard straw can also be used instead of paddy straw or wheat straw., But must use chicken manure (beet) along with mustard straw.

To make good quality compost, use Calcium Ammonium Nitrate in it. The amount of nitrogen in compost should be around 1.5-2.5 percent.

how to make compost

At the time of making compost, first spread the straw on a paved floor or in a clean place in the form of a layer about one foot thick and wet it thoroughly with water for two days. The mushroom seeds will germinate only when there is sufficient moisture in the straw.

For 4-5 kg ​​of mushroom seed, the following ingredients are required in the compost.


wheat straw

300 Kilogram


calcium ammonium nitrate

9 Kilogram



4.5 Kilogram


muriate of potash

3 Kilogram


super phosphate

3 Kilogram


wheat bran

15 Kilogram



20 Kilogram

How to sow button mushroom

Button mushroom seeds should be bought from a trusted shop only. The seed should not be too old. If we talk about the quantity, then by the weight of seed compost manure 2 From 2.5 It should be only percentage. 100 kg of compost 2 1 kg of seed is sufficient.

Spread the seeds evenly over the compost, and compost on top 2 From 3 Apply a centimeter thick layer.

How to take care of mushroom crop

mushroom harvest Special care is needed. Always do mushroom crop in the room. The room should be such that there is adequate and proper arrangement of light and air.

If the light is not coming in the room then put the bulb. Keep checking the moisture content of the compost from time to time. The amount of moisture should never be less otherwise the crop may dry up. Open the doors and windows for some time in the morning and evening.

harvest the crop

Carefully pluck the mushrooms when they are ready to be harvested. Do not use any tool for harvesting the crop, there is a risk of infection in its mushroom.

After harvesting the crop, use a cool place till you reach the market. If the market is away from your house, then you can store mushrooms at 5-8 centigrade. For longer storage, mushrooms can be placed in a 15% salt solution.

Cultivation of button mushroom (cultivation of button mushroom earnings and costs in

Farmer friends, this question comes in everyone’s mind first and foremost that Button Mushroom Farming How much does it cost and earn. So let us tell you, button mushroom production earns better than other farming.

Farmers spend 25-30 rupees in one kg of production while earning up to 40-50 rupees.

Let me tell you, in the last few years Mushroom cultivation There has been a rapid trend towards, Mushroom cultivation can become a source of better income.

Now you must have understood, mushroom cultivation is a lucrative business. in which button Mushroom farming is a good option.

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