Calcutta High Court: Remove illegals and appoint qualified candidates! Judge’s instructions for SSC! –

The state is extremely uncomfortable with the teacher recruitment corruption case. The School Service Commission is concerned about the incident. One after the other unqualified teachers are being canceled by the court. Same situation everywhere primary, upper primary. In this context, Justice Biswajit Bose gave strict instructions to the School Service Commission to remove the illegally appointed candidates.

In recent times, many unqualified teachers have been dismissed from their jobs by the order of the court. Several corrupt ‘OMR sheets’ have come to light in the CBI investigation. Besides, the jobs of many candidates who were recruited illegally are now in question. In this context, Justice Biswajit Basu shed light on the matter. In a recent case hearing, the judge directed the School Service Commission to exercise its powers of SSC in removing unqualified candidates and appointing qualified candidates to the vacant posts.

Job News: Recruitment of teachers in Bengali medium schools of the state

Incidentally, state recruitment corruption has had an impact on student learning. Many schools in the state are suffering from shortage of teachers due to removal of incompetents. In that case, it can be assumed that the situation will be worse in the coming days. So new recruitment is required in the prescribed vacancies. In view of the incident, the judge instructed the court on this day that the detailed information about the total number of vacancies created should be reported to the court by next Monday.

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