Calcutta High Court: There is a lot of difference between the previous and current TATE pass marks! The High Court formed a committee to protect the equality of qualifications! –

The difference between the current marks and the marks of seven years ago has increased considerably. As a result, there is an unequal competition between the previous TET pass candidates and the current TET pass candidates. Earlier, a job seeker approached the court regarding related issues. After reviewing the matter, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay had earlier formed ‘Mitra Committee’ for the job seekers. His statement in this regard, the history that this committee will create will be an example to the whole country.

In the last two decades, a huge gap is being observed between the marks of secondary, higher secondary and related examinations. Meanwhile, according to the recruitment rules, secondary and higher secondary marks are important in the academic score. Therefore, a case was filed in the court regarding this unequal competition of the previous candidates with the new generation. In this context, the statement of a litigant, he passed the Tate in 2014. A few years before that he had cleared the board exam.

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Here he claims that they will fall behind the TET passers of 2022 in terms of the then board exam syllabus, evaluation method, availability of marks. But they also have to fight continuously in the competition to get employment. When the matter was reported to the High Court (Calcutta High Court), a ‘Mitra Committee’ was formed on the orders of the judge. Recently, a three-member committee headed by Professor Shubmoy Maitra of the Indian Statistical Institute has been formed to ensure equality in judging the eligibility of job aspirants.

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In this case, the applicant’s statement was that they will lag behind the current generation in terms of academic scores. As a result, 2014 TET passers will be left out earlier in the interview process. The committee will look into the equality aspect of the case before Justice Gangopadhyay. Similarly the board exam marks of all the candidates from 1996 to 2022 have been sought. A report will be given as to how the merit judgment is possible after examining all the information.

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