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Candle Making Business in hindi: candle making business There is a business that has to be doneGood money can be earned and for this you do not even need to spend much, because you do not need to buy any expensive machine or expensive material to do candle making business. This is a business that you can do at your home as well.

So come on The Rural India of this business blog in candle making business Know in detail.

There was a time when there was no electricity in the houses. People used to use candles instead of lights, but gradually time changed and now candles are used for decoration and worship. In today’s time, people use candles to decorate the house during festivals. Apart from this, it is also used to celebrate birthday. Despite the changing times, the demand for candles is high in the market today.

Features of candle making business

  • You can start it from home

  • The investment for this is also very less.

  • Candles have good demand in the market.

  • In this business, you can get good profit even at low cost.

  • The risk of capital sinking also remains negligible.

Candle making business can also be done from a small place.

Candle making business is such a business, for which you do not need to set up any big company. If you want, you can do candle business even in a small place. To make candles, you need a machine that has moulds. You put wax in these and make candles. You can also do candle making business at your home, which is very easy, but if you candle making business If you want to do this on a large scale, then you can also start it from a small place.

candle making business

candle machine

The most important thing for candle making is the candle making machine, because without it you cannot give any shape to the candle. There are many types of candle machines available in the market, in which you can make different types of candles. You just have to buy different molds to make different types of candles.

If you want to buy the machine, then for this you can search on the internet. you on the internet Indiamart, Amazon And many such websites will be found like this, on which you will get information about the machines and their prices, as well as the phone numbers of the sellers of the machines. You can buy the machine according to your need and budget.

Raw materials used in the manufacture of candles

There are some essential ingredients for making candles, which you will have to buy from the market. With its help you can make candles. To make a candle, you will need to purchase wax, thread, color, and essential oil. You will get threads, colors and ether oil easily in the market. If you live in a village, you can go to any city near you and buy all the three things.

Must use candle mold

For candle making, you need candle making raw material as well as candle making mould, because it is very important to shape the candle material into a candle making shape. People who make candles by hand, they use candle mold more, but those who use candle making machine, they do not need a candle making mold, because the candle making machine already has There is a mold for making candles.

Candle making business: Start candle making business in 50 thousand, there will be good income

Candle Packaging and Marketing

After making the candle, you will need its packaging. For this you can buy a packet of good quality. If your packaging is good, then the chances of selling candles in the market increase a lot. Its packing can be done both by hand or by candle filling machine.

comes after packaging marketing Of. So for this you can initially sell at grocery stores, general stores. After the sales increase, you can sell your goods to bigger agencies. For this you can create your own agency.

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