CBI | Bikash Bhavan raid of the CBI investigative team! The documents from the computer were examined – mssewb.org

The Central Investigation Agency is investigating the teacher recruitment corruption case in the state. CBI has joined the investigation on the orders of the court. Multiple evidences of recruitment corruption cases have already been presented in court. Information has also been given on illegal financial transactions. At present, investigating officers are thinking about recruitment corruption from all angles. Recently they appeared at Bikash Bhavan. He examined many computers and documents of the Education Department.

According to sources, CBI investigating officers arrived at the head office of the Education Department last Friday. There they entered a warehouse full of various documents and searched. Collected several important documents. Then he sealed the warehouse and came out. After that they moved to the sixth floor of Bikash Bhawan. The officers spent a long time there. Examine various documents and computers. According to sources, CBI investigating officers want to know several important information including email-id, password of the former education minister from the three workers.

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While there is an uproar across the state over the current teacher recruitment corruption, various quarters are looking for relevance behind the CBI raid at the Education Department headquarters. It is considered that the related incident is quite significant. The people of the state are waiting to see if any new mystery will be opened in the coming days.

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