CBSE Exam. CBSE Board practical exam has started, what are the instructions to follow? Know the details –

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that the Class 10th and 12th practical exams will begin from January 2. The exam will continue till 14th February. Every school and students have to follow several guidelines on the exam day.

Several things have been informed by the CBSE board about the tenth and twelfth class exams. Meanwhile, the board has informed that one external teacher will be appointed for the practical examination. CBSE Board is active in conducting the practical examination in a well-planned manner and publishing the results. Guidelines have been issued by the board for the purpose of conducting such practical examinations properly.

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Instructions to be followed regarding practical examination:-

1) It was informed by the board that no practical exam will be re-conducted. So all candidates must be present on the day of practical exam.
2) Candidates must appear within the specified time on the exam day.
3) The laboratories of each school should be properly prepared for the practical examination.
4) External examiners in fixing the date of examination to the Principal of each school
Must be contacted.
5) The external examiners who will be present in the school on the day of practical examination are instructed to keep in touch with their respective schools.

CBSE class 10th and 12th written exam will start from 15th February. The new exam schedule has recently been released on the official website of the board with some changes in the class 12th exam schedule. Besides, the candidates are instructed to follow the website of the board to know all the information related to the examination.

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