Chunchura son of fancy success! In the science festival four times successful ‘Abhijyan’ was called in the United States! –

Abhijan Kishore Das, son of Hooghly Chuchunda, set a novel example in the International Science Festival. This year’s Madhyamik examiner Abhishyan kept his success in science festival four times. A few days ago, Abhishyan was invited as a speaker in the ‘Film Makers Panel’ at the ‘Philadelphia Youth Film Festival’ in the United States. It is also known that his documentary film will be awarded in this festival next February.

Abhijan Kishore Das is a student of Hooghly Collegiate School. Abhijanan participated in the science literature section ‘Viginjanika’ in the ‘International Science Festival’ organized in Bhopal recently. The festival was organized by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology and Geosciences. In the respective festival, Abhijan presented a ten-minute documentary on the biography of Pandit Madhusudan Gupta, Ayurvedic physician of Vaidyabati. His documentary was titled ‘Sushrut of Modern India’. Through the related documentary, Abhishana brings out many important aspects along with the biography of Madhusudan Gupta, the pioneer of surgery.

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The experience documentary took second place in the competition. Abhishyan has been awarded three times in science festival before this. For the first time, Abhijan won the award for making a car pollution prevention device ‘Safe Pollutant’, for the second time for making a documentary on biodiversity, ‘Silver Lining’, and for the third time for making a ‘Portable Automatic Hand Sanitizer’. He has also received a patent from the Indian government for this. And this time, family after family is happy with his remarkable success for the fourth time. Happy school teachers too. It is everyone’s wish that the dream of experience by walking the path of science will be successful.

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