Cooch Behar To Kolkata Flight Ticket : Kolkata to Cooch Behar by plane at just 999 taka, when will the service be available? –

Kolkata To Cooch Behar Flight: You can fly from Cooch Behar to Kolkata for just 999 rupees. This service will be available from February 15. Nisith Pramanik, Minister of State for Home Affairs, said this while visiting the Cooch Behar Airport on Friday. However, later on, the plane will operate with the fare determined by the airline. Cooch Behar had air services in the past. Later, air service was stopped in Cooch Behar for a long time, but after the change, the new government started this service in 2011. At that time the air service was operational for 11 days. Air service was started several times later but it did not last. Before the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP MP from Cooch Behar Nishith Pramanik had promised that he would take the initiative to start air services if elected as MP.
After being elected as an MP, at the end of July 2019, he flew to Cooch Behar with a private airline. On that day, he said, flight services are being started from Cooch Behar Airport. After the MP’s announcement, the security and fire services of the Cooch Behar airport got tangled up. As a result, there were questions about whether flights would operate from the Cooch Behar airport.

Recently, the central government has taken initiative to start passenger services from this airport in the flight project. Union Minister of State Nisith Pramanik went to Cooch Behar Airport on Friday. He held a meeting with the authorities along with the airline representatives. Also visit the airport premises. Later he told reporters that the Cooch Behar-Kolkata flight service is starting from February 15. Every day Kolkata flight departs at 10:10 AM and reaches Cooch Behar at 12:10 PM. Then the flight will take off from Cooch Behar at 12:30 PM and will reach Kolkata at 2:25 PM. It is known that this flight will be operated by ‘India One’ company.

This aircraft will operate on Bhubaneswar-Jamshedpur-Kolkata-Cochbehar route. However, Trinamool leader Rabindranath Ghosh’s tone of sarcasm has been heard on this comment of Union Minister Nisith Pramanik. He said, “This airport has already been renovated by the initiative of the state government. The Chief Minister had already announced that the Cooch Behar-Kolkata flight would run. Nishit Pramanik should visit it and tell why!”

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