Cows, coal after smuggling in Birbhum new scheme exposed! A youth caught embezzling 30 crore rupees –

: Cow smuggling, coal smuggling is now the past! Another corruption scandal in Keshtgarh. Allegation of embezzlement of more than 30 crore rupees against a chit fund company. It is known that this huge amount of money has been taken from more than 150 young women of Bolpur.

According to the sources, the company declared itself bankrupt after raising crores of rupees in the name of trading in the stock market. The cheated filed a complaint at Bolpur police station. After that the young man was arrested. Subhrayan Sheel is the leader of this chit fund organization in Bolpur. The company he was running was called SS Consultancy.

On one hand, two central ED and CBI are investigating the cow smuggling case in Birbhum. Explosive information is emerging daily in the investigation. Birbhum District Trinamool President Anubrata Mondal is currently in jail in the cow smuggling case Not only that, coal smuggling has also happened in this district. The new chit fund company is in front again without the mystery of all these.

According to sources, Subhrayan Sheel is a resident of ward number 19 of Bolpur. He was covering up by declaring the company bankrupt. Investors found him after about 3 months. Then the police arrested the accused. It is known that the young man took a total of 30 crore rupees from the market. The young man has bought an expensive bike, four-wheeler and an expensive mobile phone in just 1 year. This is the complaint of the locals.

After the arrest, the arrested youth said, “I opened a company. It has been damaged. However, I asked them for time. I will return the money.” When questioned, the accused youth also admitted to withdrawing crores of rupees. One of the investors said, “He took money from us saying he would return it with interest.” Hundreds of sons of Bolpur gave millions of rupees. Later he ran away without returning the money. I got news about him from the food delivery boy. Looted more than 30 crore rupees. We want the police to collect our money.”

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