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Crude Oil Price: The countrymen are already gasping at the price of fuel. Meanwhile, bad news came from the international market. The price of crude oil is increasing in the world market. The price of crude oil increased in a shock in the international market. Crude oil prices have reached $82 per barrel. This price is the highest for crude oil in the last 10 days. Although the price of crude oil has increased, it is much lower than the previous judgment. During the Russo-Ukraine war, the price of this crude oil in the international market was 126 dollars. Experts say that the price has come down to the 80 dollar mark and that there is relief. But even then the price of fuel has not decreased in the country’s market.

How much money are oil companies making?

Recently, a report has come out, where it is seen that the state-owned oil companies are currently making a profit of around 10 rupees per liter of petrol. However, oil companies claim that they are still making a loss of Rs 6.5 crore on diesel sales. Oil companies claim that fuel prices have remained unchanged, mainly to offset losses in diesel per liter and to recover losses incurred earlier by oil companies.

Let’s see the price of petrol-diesel in the country today?

Petrol Diesel Price in Kolkata

There has been no change in petrol-diesel prices in Kolkata city for the last 233 days. Petrol price in Kolkata is 106 taka 03 paisa per litre. Besides, the price of diesel per liter is Rs 92 76 paisa.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Delhi

Fuel is relatively scarce in the capital city. Petrol price in this city is Rs 96.72 per litre. On the other hand, the price of diesel per liter is Rs 89.62.

Crude Oil File photo (courtesy - Pixabay)

File photo (courtesy of -Pixabay)

Petrol Diesel Price in Mumbai

Fuel prices are high in Mumbai, the country’s commercial city. Petrol price in this city is Rs 106 31 paisa per liter. On the other hand, diesel is priced at Rs 94.27 per litre.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Chennai

Diesel prices are also high in the southern metro city of Chennai. Petrol price in this city is Rs 101.94 per litre. On the other hand, the price of diesel per liter is Rs 94.24.

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