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Recently, the state’s TET passed job aspirants protested the order of Calcutta High Court to give opportunity to CET candidates in the initial recruitment process. And this time ‘Bangla Paksh’ participated in the protest by standing beside them in this movement.

The state’s TET pass job seekers claim that they are being deprived due to giving opportunities to CIT pass passers. Their recruitment process is getting delayed. Candidates complain that the competition for these 11,500 vacancies is increasing at the rate at which the number of candidates is increasing. Meanwhile, according to sources, the board’s guidelines regarding the recruitment of CET candidates are confusing. However, a large number of candidates who have passed the CET have already submitted their application.

On the other hand, job seekers fear that the recruitment process will be further delayed as new applications are accepted after the interview process of candidates in various districts of the state. Earlier it was known through sources that the state’s TET pass job seekers have filed a case in the court against participation in the recruitment process of CIT passers. This time ‘Bangla Manch’ joined them in protest against the same incident at Ranuchaya Manch.

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Incidentally, earlier the candidates who passed Central TET (CITET) could not participate in the primary recruitment process of this state, but now they are being given the opportunity to participate as per the order of the High Court. The Board of Primary Education has also issued a notification stating that the Board will give the opportunity to apply to candidates who have passed CET. A separate portal will be opened for them and registration will also be started. Interview will be conducted. Apart from this, the notification to submit the necessary documents for the purpose of starting the registration of candidates who have passed the CET has also been published.

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