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DA Hike: Good news is finally coming for government employees. Central government employees will soon get good news about DA or Dearness Allowance increase. This good news will come within the first month of the year for the central government employees. To be more precise, the central government employees are going to get this good news after exactly 15 days. At least not exactly mentioned but the amount of good news is that the employees of the Center.

The AICPI index is one of the main factors driving the DA rate hike. This index comes out on the last Saturday of the month. In that judgment, the AICPI index for the month of December will be published on January 31. It will be clear from him exactly how much DA will be increased for central government employees.

So far the figures are up to November 2022. That figure has an index number of 132.5. If the situation remains the same, central workers can almost certainly expect a 3 per cent DA hike, say experts. But if the index number increases by 1 point, the DA may increase by 4 percent. However, that possibility is slim. In that case, the central government employees can continue with 3 percent dearness allowance.

Why is it thought that 4 percent DA will not increase?

As mentioned earlier, this DA growth rate depends on the AICPI index. In that case DA can increase only if AICPI index increases. But it seems that will not happen. Because the December retail inflation rate has already come forward. At 5.72 percent, this figure is actually the lowest in the last 1 year. While retail inflation eased in November, the AICPI index remained unchanged. Rather it was stable as in October. As a result, experts believe that the AICPI index will remain stable due to the fall in inflation this year as well.

Good news about DA

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How much DA will be central government employees?

If the December 2022 AICPI index remains unchanged, dearness allowance will increase by 3 per cent. At present central government employees are getting 38 per cent DA. It will increase to 41 percent. If a central government employee gets a salary of Rs 18,000, he currently gets Rs 6,480 per month as DA. But, a 3% increase in DA means that Dearness Allowance or DA will increase by Rs 7,380.

However, although it is practically confirmed on January 31, the official approval for increasing DA will be given in the Cabinet meeting on March 1, 2023. Thereafter DA will be increased on 31st March salary. But the DA will be effective but from January. As a result, the employees of the center will also get two months’ arrears of DA.

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