DA will be increased by 20%, many years of outstanding dues will be met! Big announcement center for government employees – mssewb.org

Dues of Central Government employees have not been met for a long time. Budget ahead. A few days ago, the Finance Minister had said that even if there is an increase in the salary of the central employees, the due DA (Dearness Allowance) may not be met for the time being. But now it has been informed that both central dues and DA will be met. The central ruling party is going to present the budget before next year’s Lok Sabha elections. In this budget (Budget), several important steps will be taken for central government employees, it has been informed by the government.

Recently, the Telangana Government has appealed to the Central Government to increase the allowances of its state government employees and pensioners. As a result, they are going to be quite profitable. The Telangana government has informed that they have demanded a hike in DA of 2.73% for the employees. This will increase Telangana’s DA to more than 20%. Earlier, the amount of DA for government employees in Telangana was 17.29%. Recently it increased to 20.02%.

All the government employees of the state which are about 4.4 lakh and pensioners of the state about 2.88 lakh are going to benefit. State Finance Minister T Harish Rao informed that the DA was effective from July 1, 2021. However, the arrears accumulated by the employees from July 2021 to December 2022 will be paid to the employees in 8 installments through the employees’ GPF account.

Besides, the state government has also decided about the promotion and transfer of the employees. It is supposed to start from 27th January. Employees can apply online from 28th. On the other hand, DA dues of central government employees increased during Durga Puja last year. Along with the budget this year, they are supposed to increase their DA. For now, it is believed that this DA may increase in this month of March.

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