Deworming tablet is necessary for animals, know its benefits –

deworming tablets for animals: Worms in the stomach of animals is not less than a big problem. Often animal parents ignore this problem. Due to which there is a very bad effect on the health of the animals.

The reasons for worms in the stomach of animals are worms in the stomach of animals even after eating soil, not getting pure fodder or clean water. These insects consume 30 to 40 percent of the diet consumed by animals.

For the better health of the animals, they should be Deworming tablet Should be given

What is deworming tablet?

Deworming Tablet is a medicine that kills parasites. It is used to kill worms present in the stomach.

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms in Animals

  • Lethargy and weakness of animals.

  • Seeing black blood and insects in the cow dung.

  • Reduction in milk production of animals.

  • Lack of blood in the body.

  • Difficulty in getting pregnant.

  • Decreased physical development of animals and enlarged stomach.

Why is deworming necessary?

decreased immunity

Insects take essential nutrients from the body of animals. Due to which the animals become weak and their immunity also decreases.

possibility of anemia

Many types of insects suck the blood of animals. Due to which there is a lack of blood in the body of animals, which later causes anemia.

risk of diarrhea

If deworming is not done, animals are at risk of diarrhea. Sometimes this problem increases so much that animals can also die.

decreased fertility

Due to poor health, milk production of animals decreases. Along with this, the fertility of animals also decreases.

Right time to give deworming tablet

  • Feed deworming tablets to the animals at an interval of every 3 months.

  • If symptoms of stomach worms are seen, give medicine to kill worms only after examining the animal dung.

  • If possible, give anthelmintic medicine to the animals before vaccination.

  • Do not give anthelmintic immediately after vaccination. For better results give deworming medicine only after 15 days of vaccination.

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