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Digha Hotel Booking: Many people have plans to go to Digha throughout the year as well as from Christmas to English New Year. As a result, a huge crowd has gathered in Digha. Due to covid and natural calamities, there was no tourist traffic in Digha in the last two years. With the covid situation pretty much stable and three consecutive days of holidays, travelers have chosen Digha as their destination. But as the crowd increases, the hotel rent is increasing by leaps and bounds. Allegedly, the hotels are taking double the room rate to take advantage of the opportunity.

Suchitra Roy and Saman Roy, a couple who went to Digha from South 24 Parganas of Kolkata, said, “I came to Digha to have Christmas fun. When I came, I saw that many tourists had arrived. I had trouble reading when I went to the hotel to book a room. Some places said there are no rooms and some said the room rent is too high. Other times Where 1000/1500 rooms were available now they are asking 2000/2500. After wandering around, forced to take a room at 1800.”

In this regard, a hotelier said, “Non-AC rooms are offered between Tk 800/1000 and AC 1000/1500 in off-season. But for the increased demand, some hotels charge Tk 1200/1300 for non-AC rooms and Tk 1800/2200 for AC rooms.” Taking rent. Again 2500 to 5000 rupees is being charged based on the room. A chart of the hotel has been fixed by the Digha Shankarpur Hotel Traders Association but it has not been accepted as such.

Crowds in Digha before Christmas

Incidentally, New Digha and Old Digha together have about 1000 hotels. When hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Sijin, it becomes difficult to get a hotel room. Tourists who come with family have to face the problem of finding cheap hotel rooms. So the tourists have to pay a higher rent for the room.

During the festive season, the rates in hotels in Digha double to triple what they are at other times of the year. This complaint has been raised against the hotels of Digha for a long time. It is alleged that there is practically a black market during the festival season. The administration has repeatedly warned the hotel owners about this. However, tourists claim that the situation has not changed much.

Manas Kumar Mandal, executive officer of Digha Shankarpur Development Board said, “The crowd in Digha has increased a lot since earlier. Lakhs of tourists are thronging during consecutive holidays. Several of them have complained of extra hotel rent. After receiving the complaint, we are looking into the matter. The problem so that We are continuing to try to eliminate it.” He also said that the hotel owners are saying that the room rent is being charged according to the room ratio. Tourists are also paying more for better rooms. As a result, the price of the room is changing somewhere.

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