Digha Hotel: Despite the crowds in Digha, the hotel is empty! Any panic behind? – mssewb.org

Digha Hotel Booking : “Even if the tourist wants to book a hotel, I will not give it now. When the tourist crowd will decrease, I will rent the hotel. So that I can get a high price.” – This is the strategy adopted by the tourists who came to Digha on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Part of the hotel owners. He thought that profit can be made by increasing the price of the liquor of the crowd. But that strategy has become a ‘boomerang’ for the hotel owners.

Because, covid-juju! That’s why many tourists don’t stay in hotels even when they come to Digha. Instead, their plan is to spend a few hours at the beach and return home. Tourists have completely changed their plans due to the news of the increase in corona infection and the subsequent events. The hoteliers, who were thinking of renting out the rooms at the time when the demand for the hotel will peak due to the crowd, have to pay the loss. Hotel owner Tirthankar Ghosh, Banipada Dased said, “Look, everyone wants to earn a little more money during the festive season. We also wanted that. But again, Corona came and messed everything up.”

Another hotel businessman says, “It would have been better to take the bookings that were coming before this, which I was not taking. Even then, I did not understand that the news of corona infection again will spoil the whole plan like this.” In the presence of tourists in Digha, there is no place for Tildharan. From New Digha to Old Digha along the sea shore, tourists and tourists are everywhere. However, local sources say that despite the presence of tourists, there is no hotel booking. Where rooms could not be given in hotels on Christmas, there are many hotels where rooms are completely empty. Like two years ago, corona infection was also due to natural disasters.

Some of the experts say that not only Digha, but the entire country’s tourism has suffered during the Corona period. Statistics show that a large part of the country’s GDP comes from tourism, about 7.4%. About 4 crore people are directly or indirectly involved in this sector. But this picture has undergone a radical change during the Corona pandemic. For which the entire tourism industry, including the hotel business, was exposed.

As the Covid-19 rules gradually eased and life returned to normal, the travel-hungry people came out. This state is no exception. The hotels began to redecorate themselves in view of the enthusiasm of the tourists. Again, some of the hotel owners of Digha were looking forward to this year’s Christmas and New Year to overcome the ‘drought’ of income during the Corona period. But this time, Corona has blocked it! For which there is a crowd on the beach of Digha, but that crowd does not reach the hotel room. As a result, all those houses are left empty!

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