Don’t plant this tree made by Lakhpati by mistake! Otherwise there will be great loss –

: In addition to farming, farmers often plant various species of profitable trees around their land for additional income. In such cases, such trees usually mature within one and a half to five years. Meanwhile, there are some plants that require proper care, fertilizer and water. On the other hand, some plants slowly start growing on their own. The wood of all these trees is sold in the market at a good price. And thus the farmers get the opportunity of additional income.

However, there are some trees that should not be planted in the ground even by mistake. Otherwise they cause huge damage. Basically, those trees destroy the fertility power of the land. And one such tree is Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Tree). Besides, this tree is also known as Neelgiri Tree. If you plant this tree on arable land without knowing it, there is a risk of major damage. In this case, that context is presented in the present report.

Absorbs water from soil: According to botanists, the eucalyptus tree takes its full form after 5 years of planting. That is, by then the tree becomes a 25-30 feet tall tree. By selling which you can earn good money. But despite the income, these plants deplete the water and soil nutrients present in the soil. This plant needs 12 liters of water and lots of nutrients daily. In such cases, when sufficient water is not available, the roots of eucalyptus trees begin to absorb groundwater. Due to which the ground water level of that area goes down.

Planting of these trees has been banned in many areas: It has been observed that in the areas where eucalyptus trees are being cultivated, the groundwater level has gone much lower than other areas. In such a situation, in view of this situation, the administration has declared those areas as hazardous areas and banned the planting of these trees there. According to agricultural scientists, after planting such trees, the soil is no longer suitable for other crops. Besides, the quality of the soil also deteriorates.

The British started this practice in India: According to reports received in this context, the practice of cultivating this tree was started by the British. Originally, Eucalyptus trees were planted to dry up wetlands. As a result, the amount of water and humidity decreases in those areas. Meanwhile, the length of this tree is much higher than the rest of the trees. Due to which a large amount of wood is available from here.

Eucalyptus trees can only be planted in these types of areas: Presently the ground water level has gone down a lot. In such a situation, this tree is becoming a cause of loss instead of profit. As a result, most of the farmers are now refraining from planting this tree. Agricultural scientists say the plant can only be considered profitable if planted near canals, ponds, rivers or wetlands. However, if this tree is planted elsewhere, it can make the land infertile.

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