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drone price in india nowadays farmers advanced technologies Farming with the help of Due to this, the production is also good and the labor is also less. Farmers use drones to spray medicines in the fields. In addition to monitoring crops drone is used. in future Drone farming There will be, this cannot be denied. 50 percent subsidy (maximum Rs. 10 lakh) will be given by the government on the purchase of drones. Now farmers can also apply for purchasing drone camera under agricultural machinery grant.

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Use of drones in agriculture and drones price

if you drone for farming want to buy, we will show you here 4 best drones Telling about.

1. S550 Speaker Drone

Due to having a water proof body, it can also be run in the rain. It has ground control station and GPS based system. The capacity for spraying agricultural chemicals is 10 liters. Its sensor alerts before the obstacle comes.

S550 speaker in the Indian market cost of drone 4.5 lakhs is Rs.

2. KT-Dawn Drone

This drone is very big in appearance. It has cloud intelligent management. This drone has the capacity to carry loads ranging from 10 liters to 100 litres. It is designed with map planning function and handheld station.

KT-Dawn in the Indian market cost of drone Starting from Rs.3 lakhs onwards.

3. IG Drone Agri Drone

This drone’s flexibility allows it to rotate at high speed and maneuver at fixed locations. Its spraying capacity ranges from 5 liters to 20 liters.

IG Drone Agri in Indian market drone pricedrone prices 4 lakhs is Rs.

4. Mode 2 Carbon Fiber Agriculture Drone

Model name of this agricultural drone KCI Hexacopter Is. It has a liquid carrying capacity of up to 10 litres. It has analog camera technology.

Mode 2 Carbon Fiber Agriculture In Indian Market cost of drone 3.6 lakhs up to Rs.

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