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5 perennial flower cultivation in hindi: Cultivation of flowers is a better means of income. You Flower farming You can earn well by doing this. There are many flowers which bloom throughout the year and their demand is always there.

today we you The Rural India in this blog of 5 Perennial Flower Cultivation going to tell about, which fragrance and beauty with yougood profit Will give

1. Lantana Flower

  • Lantana is an aromatic plant.

  • Along with its flowers, stems and leaves are used.

  • Lantana is a better option for floriculture business.

  • It bears red, white, yellow, orange and pink flowers in clusters.

  • It can be easily grown in hot climate areas.

  • This plant is grown in well drained soil.

2. Hibiscus flower

  • It has great importance in Indian culture.

  • Hibiscus flowers are specially used in worship.

  • Cultivation of Hibiscus Can also be done commercially.

  • It is a perennial plant that flowers throughout the year.

  • Its plant bears red, white, pink and yellow flowers.

3. Rose

  • As beautiful as the rose flower is in appearance, it is equally fragrant.

  • Rose is famous for its bright color and fragrance.

  • It is a fragrant perennial flowering plant that blooms throughout the year.

  • The demand for roses is much higher than other flowers in the markets.

  • cultivation of roses Gives a lot of profits as a business.

  • It has many varieties like- Kashmiri rose, Desi rose etc.

4. Jasmine flower

  • Jasmine flower is also a perennial shrub.

  • cultivation of jasmine flowers Can be done throughout the year.

  • Many types of herbal properties are found in it.

  • Jasmine flowers are used for decoration and making perfumes.

  • This flower is also offered to the gods.

5. Exora flower

  • Exora flower is also a flower that blooms throughout the year.

  • Exora grows in bright orange, attractive red and yellow colors.

  • It does not require much care and maintenance.

  • Cultivation of Exora flowers Can be done in all climates.

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