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Edible Oil Price: Just when inflation is weighing on the pockets of the common man, comes the big news. Edible oil is going to get cheaper. The bottom line is that indices in overseas markets have seen a downward trend. In such a situation, the prices of several edible oilseeds were seen to fall in the oilseed market in Delhi on Wednesday. However, soybean oilseed prices have remained flat due to tight supply. According to the news, the Malaysia exchange fell 1.75 percent on the day, while the Chicago exchange also fell 2.25 percent last night.

According to a source, the current situation is very bad for the oil industry. It is claimed that after importers, the condition of small oil mills is also deteriorating. According to various sources, farmers do not want to sell their oilseeds at low prices to the mills. It has been claimed that farmers are unwilling to sell oilseeds even at prices higher than MSP.

On the other hand, the pressure is increasing on the farmers. Because the center has given duty exemption on imported oil for the time being. As a result, pressure has been created on domestic oil and oilseeds. While soybean oilseed prices are stable, farmers are worried about mustard seeds. Besides, the farmers said that even though their backs were against the wall in this matter, this matter has not yet reached the people of the country.

Edible Oil Prices (Image Courtesy - Pixabay)

Customers are also in trouble

Even though the price of imported oil has come down by more than half, consumers are not getting any benefit in the retail market. Because MRP. Oil companies have to buy edible oil at higher prices as there is no change in MRP. The only way in this situation is the meeting between the center and the oil producing companies. This meeting may reduce the price of edible oil.

What was the price of oilseeds in Delhi on Wednesday? Let’s take a look-

Oil/oilseeds the price
Mustard oil seeds 6,735 per quintal
Soybean Oil Mill Delivery 13,250 per quintal
Soybean seeds 5,600-5,700 per quintal
Raw Mustard Ghani 2,090-2,215 per tin
Refined peanut oil 2,490-2,755 per tin
peanuts 6,675-6,735 per quintal

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